Dead Space Remake: Scientific Methods (Side Quest Walkthrough)


The remake of Dead Space helps fill gaps in the original story through side quests like Scientific Methods, and here is how players can complete it.

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The remake of Dead Space keeps what worked great while adjusting things that needed fixing. Aside from smoothing over frustrating parts like the ADS section of the fourth chapter, EA Motive also added new content that helps fill in gaps in the story.

Aside from the opening and the occasional audio log, there was very little information given about what Nicole was up to during the Necromorph outbreak that annihilated the crew of the USG Ishimura. The side quest, ‘Scientific Methods’, helps bridge that gap. Here is how Dead Space players can start and complete this brand new side quest.


This walkthrough contains spoilers, so players should proceed with caution.

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How to Start Scientific Methods


Scientific Methods will likely be the first side quest that Dead Space players will unlock. It can be found during the second chapter and started upon picking up an audio log in Nicole’s office. After the audio log is finished, the objective will update and players will need to destroy the barricade blocking the morgue before they can proceed further with this side quest.

After making into the Emergency Room, there will be a hologram of Nicole that will automatically play when players get close enough to it. The hologram will suddenly walk into what appears to be a dead end. Use kinesis to reveal a room hidden behind the wall. Inside this room is an audio log that gives players the next area they need to investigate, Engineering.

Go to Engineering


This part of the side quest can be started once players have reached the third chapter. Set the locator to track the objective for ‘Scientific Methods’ and then follow it to reach a room with a playable hologram. Nicole does an autopsy on a Necromorph as part of her investigation into what is going on aboard the USG Ishimura. The next lead can only be investigated once players have reached the seventh chapter.

Go to Mining


During the seventh chapter, look for the Equipment Supply room. This small area has a circuit breaker that can only open one door at a time. While some rooms contain valuable resources like a Ruby Semiconductor, another has an audio log that will progress this side quest. Players should be ready for a fight, as when they try to leave this area they will get attacked by Necromorphs. The next part of the side quest cannot be continued until players have reached the tenth chapter.

Go to the Crew Deck


The final stage of this side quest can be started once players have access to the Crew Deck. Look for Dr. Mercer’s room, which is later on in the chapter when destroying tendrils to reach the shuttle. There is a playable hologram featuring Nicole having a tense conversation with Dr. Mercer. After the hologram stops playing, the side quest will complete and players will get an achievement/trophy.

Dead Space is available now on PlayStation 5, Steam, and Xbox Series X/S.


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