Dead Space: How to Find the Report on the Bridge


Dead Space Remake adds some new content to the horror game including side missions and here is where players can find the report on the bridge.

After the launch of Dead Space 3 and the eventual shut-down of Visceral Games by EA in 2017, the franchise has been on a lengthy hiatus. Thankfully, things changed after EA Motive announced it was working on a Dead Space remake, bringing the original game back with all new updates and technological advancements. EA Motive maintained that Dead Space is not intended to be a 1:1 remake of the original game, and while the story remains largely the same, the studio made a number of quality of life changes.


In addition to the Frostbite engine being used to power the experience with updates assets, lighting, and environments, EA Motive also updated some of the gameplay elements that didn’t work as well such as the Turret and anti-gravity sections. To help flesh out key characters and lore of this world, side missions were introduced inside of the Dead Space Remake. For completing these missions, players may also earn some valuable rewards that could help make surviving the USG Ishimura slightly easier.

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One such side mission in Dead Space called Premeditated Malpractice tasks players with locating a report detailing a conversation between Dr. Nicole Brennan and Captain Mathius. Here is where players can find the report as well as what sort of reward is waiting.

Potential spoilers for Dead Space are below. Reader Beware.

Dead-Space-Remake-Isaac-Clarke-Mid-Tier-SuitStarting the Premeditated Malpractice Side Mission

Before the report can be found, Dead Space players need to start a side mission called Premeditated Malpractice. This can be started until Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion where players can retrieve a tissue sample of Mercer’s Hunter necromorph towards the end of the mission. Head to the Main Lab beyond Ore Storage, interact with the terminal on a desk, and players will be asked to find a report back at the bridge.

Where to Find the Report on the Bridge

At this point, players will need to head back to the Main Atrium of the Bridge Deck on Floor 4. Thankfully, combat should be minimal during this section and once inside the Bridge Deck, players should see a single, freestanding terminal. It’s to the right of a large poster that reads: “Tomorrow is a Good Idea.” and is glowing yellow, so it should be hard to miss.

Interact with the terminal to see a hologram recording of a heated exchange between Dr. Nicole Brennan and Captain Mathius. Once the conversation ends, the mission updates to prompt players to return to Hydroponics, where a new audio log waits inside of the Diagnostic Lab.

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Side Mission Reward

After listening to the audio log and learning the origins of Mercer’s hunter, players will find a unique upgrade waiting at the nearby Workbench. The Prototype Stasis Module upgrades Isaac’s current Stasis Module, allowing him to freeze enemies in place as electrical damage is inflicted over time. It’s a powerful upgrade that can make Stasis related fights a little easier in the long run, giving Isaac another way to damage enemies outside of his various tools and weapons like the Plasma Cutter.

It’s worth noting that once collected, Stasis is automatically upgrades, so there’s nothing that players need to do to equip it or anything like that.

Dead Space is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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