Dead by Daylight Reveals Which Killers Have the Highest Kill Rates

Dead by Daylight, the long-running asymmetrical horror game, went through major gameplay changes in June and now Behaviour Interactive is sharing the results of the massive meta-warping update. New metas in any game take getting used to by gamers with the unique nature of Dead by Daylight making it particularly difficult to balance. The gamer playing as the Killer will always be outnumbered by the four Survivors making improvements to the Killer role difficult without frustrating gamers filling in as Survivors.


Before the June balance patch with the 6.0.0 update Killers had, on average, a near 50% kill rate for each trial. A stated developer goal for the summer was to increase the kill rate by 10%, bringing the average up to 60% across all Killers. When Resident Evil’s Wesker was underperforming as a Killer at release the next update brought needed buffs to his abilities. Behaviour Interactive is not shy about making quick, drastic adjustments to keep the gameplay balanced and exciting for every role.

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The first chart provided shows the kill rate for each Killer among all players and all matchmaking ratings (MMR) for September 2022. Following that is the chart for the top 5% of MMR also broken down by Killer. Kill rates of .95 were rounded up to make the charts easier to read. Ranking every Dead by Daylight Killer can be difficult, but these official charts accurately depict the current meta landscape.

Wesker’s recent buffs were called out as the Mastermind Killer is the only one to be in the top tier for both charts. When releasing these charts, the developer stated that they consider multiple factors for buffing and nerfing of Killers beyond the raw data. The recent Dead by Daylight anti-cheater roadmap supports the accuracy of the September kills rates not being the result of cheating or glitch exploits.

Dead by Daylight players on Twitter have had strong reactions to these charts, ranging from comments on how Nurse is low because she’s available for free to ask for a similar chart showing Survivor win rates. Further discussion centered on the rarely seen Killers, such as The Twins or The Hag, earning high kill rates due to a small but dedicated group of players. Overall, the charts show that the goal of increasing kill rates by 10% was achieved with the last few balance updates. Behaviour Interactive revealed its next multiplayer game, Meet Your Maker, which will be worth keeping an eye on given the care and dedication shown to Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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