How To Dance In Fortnite On PC, PS4, Or Switch?

Many dance moves from Fortnite have become popular on the internet because kids and celebrities worldwide do them. Athletes have done them after goals and win to celebrate, and young gamers do them whenever they can. Here are a few of the most well-known dances in Fortnite, along with instructions on doing them.

Default dance in Fortnite 

This was the first dance move added to the game, and it’s based on the dance Turk did on the TV show Scrubs. It is one of the standards emotes that all players can use. It has a bit of a complex routine, so it’s best to watch it a few times to get the rhythm and movements down. The dance has a lot of foot movement, arm movement, and finger-pointing. In the end, the arms are crossed.

Orange Justice

Fans were upset that this dance move didn’t win the Boogie Down Challenge, so it was added to the Season 4 Battle Pass. Fans of Fortnite were asked to send in their dances for the competition. The dance of the winner was added to the game.

Even though the kid who submitted his dance didn’t win the challenge, his dance won the hearts of Fortnite players everywhere and is now one of the most popular dances in the game. It’s hard to explain how to dance yourself, so you might want to watch it a few times to get the rhythm, but basically, you move your arms in circles while bending and straightening your knees.


Flossing has become a trendy dance move, especially among kids. It wasn’t famous by Fortnite, but the game is often given credit for it. It implies keeping your arms straight and swinging one arm in front of you and the other arm behind you back and forth. The more impressive it looks, the faster you can do it.

Llama Bell

This dance is an emote you can buy from the item shop for 800 V-Bucks when it’s available. It’s one of the easier ones to learn. All you have to do is move your legs and hips while hitting a llama bell.

Best Mates

Best Mates might be one of the most straightforward dance steps to do. You lift your upper arms until they are level with your shoulders. Then, you let your lower arms hang down and swing them from side to side as you lift and lower your legs in time with your arms. It was added to the game as Battle Pass tier 63 for the third season.

Electro Shuffle

The Electro Shuffle is an emote that, when it’s available, can be bought in the item shop for 800 V-Bucks. It is said that YouTuber Gabby J. David was the first person to perform it. The dance is hard to do because you have to move your arms and legs a lot, but Gabby has made a video showing how to do it.

Take the L

This was the tier 31 reward for Season 3 Fortnite Battle Pass holders. It’s done by putting your hand on your forehead in an L shape and then kicking your legs one after the other. The dance may have come from the remake of Stephen King’s It because Pennywise made a similar move in that movie.


This dance was a reward for tier 63 of the Season 4 Battle Pass, and the phrase “get hyped” was used to promote it. You have to kick one leg while hopping on the other, and you have to switch between pretending to ski and inflating your fist up and down.


This is inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Carlton Air’s Dance, which has become a popular online move. It costs 800 V-Bucks in the item shop and requires you to swing your body and arms from left to right quickly.

Ride the pony

This is the older dance take in the game, and it was a tier 20 reward in the season 2 Battle Pass. Dele Alli, a midfielder for England and Tottenham, danced after scoring a goal against Sweden at the 2018 World Cup. You swing your arms like you’re riding a pony, switching between your left and right arms.


Jubilation is one of the cheaper dances, and you can usually buy it for 200 V-Bucks in the item shop. It’s done by stomping your feet quickly, putting your arms straight up in the air, and turning your body slightly.

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Fortnite PS4 dances and emotes

  • To start dancing in the game, you must first press the down arrow on the D-Pad.
  • Because dances are random, you have to keep track of your character’s different moves.
  • If you have other emotes in your locker, you can try out extra steps and activities and have fun with them.

Xbox dances and emotes for Fortnite

  • It would assist if you did the same thing on the PS4, then press the down arrow button to start dancing.
  • The dance lyrics and music are chosen at random in the game, so you never know what kind of music you’ll have to dance to.
  • Just like on PS4, if you have more emotes in your locker, you can use them to get different dance moves and music to dance to.

Fortnite on PC and Mac has dances and emotes

  • For both Mac and PC, you need to click the B key, which is on your keyboard.
  • If you use a different key to do your boogie in the game, you can change the key in your settings and move the emote to the right button.
  • You can also type “dance” in the chat, which makes you dance in the game in the same way.
  • Here are some stages to assist you in learning how to dance with different moves and music on other devices.


Some tips for learning how to dance in Fortnite are listed above. You can think about them whenever you want to. You can also use it to learn different dance moves and steps for the game.


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