Cyberpunk 2077: Latest Mod Introduces a Stock Market and News System


Cyberpunk 2077 is enjoying its time in the sun, after the game managed to make a comeback following its lackluster release. The modding community is also hard at work, trying to provide players with new and exciting mods such as Time Dilation, Edgerunners Weapons, and more. The latest mod to gain attention from the game’s community involves taking care of your money.

As spotted by PCGamer, the new mod adds a living and breathing Stock Market along with a new system to the game. The mod has been created by keanuWheeze and scornthegreat and has been uploaded to NexusMods. Through the mod, the players will get a new ‘Stock Market’ tab on every PC.

The mod will also feature 33 stocks, that players can buy, sell and manage. They will dynamically react to player’s progression in quests and their outcome. The mod will also feature 66 news bites that will have their own phone notifications. Moreover, the mod will include 100% native UI with seamless integration and controller support.

Dynamic Influences

Players should know beforehand that the Dynamic Influences only change the probability of a stock going up or down, it does not guarantee it. Quests and Player Actions are the two dynamic aspects that will influence the stock market and news system, check out how they will work below:

Quests: Most quests will only affect the trend of certain stocks, for example; if the players completes ‘The Heist’ quest, then Arasaka stock will go down and Militech stock will go up. In addition, stocks will also influence each other.

Player Actions: In the mod, the developers have added 33 triggers that will influence the stock market. Killing NPCs of a faction will affect their company’s stock. For example; killing NCPD officers will bring NCPD stock down. Another example for this is that causing a lot of car accidents will cause Delamain stock to go up.

Manipulating the Market: Through these dynamic influence, the players will be able to manipulate the market to work according to their whims and fancies. For example, players can buy stock and then complete quests that will make them go up. Or, they can do quests to tank certain company’s stocks and buy them at a low price.


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