CS:GO: A Beginner’s Guide


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched in 2012 and is the fourth game in the legendary Counter-Strike series which has been one of the most dominating FPS esports games out there since early 2000. The game is mainly developed by Valve but there have been several different studios contributing to the project.

Teams of five (Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) attempt to destroy or protect a bomb site while managing their team’s economy, which is used to buy available weapons at the beginning of each round. A total of 30 rounds is on each map. The first team to reach a total of 16 rounds wins the match (or more if the game goes to overtime).

Teams are switched after the first 15 rounds.

The terrorist team’s mission is to place a detonating bomb at one of two locations, while the counter-terrorist team has to prevent the bomb from being placed, or defuse the bomb within 35 seconds if placed. Either team can also win if manage to eliminate all the members of the opposing team.

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