Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022


The diversity of the gaming industry towards the end of 2022 is not going to surprise anyone. Players have access to hundreds of projects for every taste and color, of any genre and with any rules. Sometimes the massive selection baffles users and causes gaming procrastination. Titles are countless, eyes diverge, playing for an hour after work turns into a simulator of picking a worthy title.

And that would be OK if you had to face it on one device. There are gamers who use several platforms for gaming. This can be PC-PS, PlayStation-Nintendo and so on. In this case you can easily fall for a choice trap. There are several options of how you can overcome this situation:

  • Forget about playing and do other stuff.
  • Run cross-platform.

I don’t know what about you, but we at EGW almost always opt for the second. Convenient, fun, accessible.

We decided to remember several most popular, time-tested, or simply the best games available for PC and PlayStation. By the way, a huge number of generally-recognized games by Sony have been unavailable on other platforms. It’s all about the exclusivity policy of the Japanese company that made it its calling card.

Recently Sony has been moving away from the strict model of distribution and releasing their leader on PC and other platforms. We’ll be telling you about them and not only them in our material.

Exclusivity policy of Sony

Sony is one of the opposing camps in the console war that has been ongoing in the gaming industry since its outset. It has been especially fierce since the eighth generation of consoles came out when Xbox One and PlayStation were fighting for leadership on the market.

Due to the strict regulations of distribution of their exclusivity policy. Sony is often called the main instigator. In fact, the chestnuts were put in the competition by Microsoft, making Tomb Raider a temporary exclusive of Xbox 360.

The casus belli provoked Sony and since then the Japanese have been really mad. Starting from 2013, Sony has released tens of games that were unavailable for PC Xbox. However, eventually the situation improved and titles made by PlayStation and internal studios of the corporation started to appear on PC.

Best Sony exclusives available on PC and PS

To win the console war, Sony started creating absolute masterpieces of the gaming industry for PlayStation. Development of PlayStation projects cost hundreds of thousands dollars, and the result was met with excitement by both critics and players.

Some of the should be considered inviolable as they are unlikely to be released for other platforms. But there are those that became cross-platform for PS-PC in the course of time.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima is considered to be the classics by players from throughout the world. The game wouldn’t have deserved the status if it hadn’t been released for PC.

Originally the game appeared on PlayStation in 2019. By July 2020 Death Stranding had evolved from the Sony exclusive to a PS-PC cross-platform.

Later Death Stranding got an extension called Director`s Cut. At first, the director version of Kojima’s crest was released on PlayStation 5 in September 2021, and later, in March 2022, made it to PC.

Death Stranding presents an alternative history of humanity, the main events happen in the USA, almost completely destroyed as the outcome of the disaster named Death Stranding. The player has to deliver parcels from one point to another.

Detroit: Become Human

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Some people from the gaming community believe that Sony games resemble an interactive film rather than a game itself. It’s got cut scenes, QTE and cinematic shots. It is applicable to any game genre, let it be Death Stranding or Days Gone. Actually, there is a bit of truth to it, Sony’s games have an element of a real interactive film.

Detroit: Become Human by Quantic Dream was released on 27 October in 2015 and set the bar for a whole genre. The game became cross-platform on 12 December 2019 when it was first released on PC.

Detroit: Become Human is one of the most successful originals released by Sony. In May 2022 the total sales of Detroit: Become Human for PS, PC and other platforms surpassed 7 million copies.

Along with Detroit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls were also released on PC. Both babies of Quantic Dream were accepted worse than the iconic sibling, however, it is keeping its place in the list of the best cross-platform PC-PS games.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 3

One of the main Sony’s leaders is Horizon: Zero Dawn was unavailable for PC users for three years. The game about an alternative future where mankind faces a disaster and now people have to co-exist with machines and robots was released for PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Aloy’s adventures, which was created by Guerilla Games, became cross-platform on 7 August 2020. When the PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn was released, it was not met well due to the fact that it had numerous bugs. However, Guerilla Games took the new audience seriously and several months later they fixed most of the critical errors making Horizon: Zero Dawn playable and requested not only on PS but also PC.

In February 2022, Horizon got a sequel. The entry named Forbidden West was released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and taking into account the success of its predecessor on PC, it’s likely to pop in there in the nearest future.

God of War

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 4

Another representative of Sony’s Hall of Glory that moved from the exclusive status to the PS-PC cross-platform. The first entry of the relaunch of the franchise about Kratos’s adventures became one of the most epic games on PlayStation.

Having set off from the warm Greece to the more harsh Scandinavia, Keaton’s not only got a family but also gained love of players all around the world. Also, the God of War managed to get honors from the gaming media and other representatives of the industry: released in April 2018, God of War became the game of the year according to Game Awards, consequently getting other presto awards including D.I.C.E. Awards 2019.


The developers did not want to keep this massive game within PlayStation Sony. On 14 January 2022, God of War debuted on PC, joining the list of the classic Sony games that became PS-PC cross-platform.

In 2022, God of War got a sequel called Ragnarok. The project became a PlayStation 5 leader and is about to get another award from The Game Awards as the game of the year.

Days Gone

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 5

Days Gone was released on PS4 in April 2019. The project about zombie apocalypse became PS-PC cross-platform on 18 May 2021 when Days Gone reached PC.

Unlike the mentioned titles, Days Gone is unlikely to brag about enormous love of the audience and as a franchise, it didn’t appeal to Sony. It’s all about finances.

Days Gone was sold in the USA for 70 dollars by probing the standard of ААА projects. According to Sony, the game was sold out with an official circulation of over 800,000 copies that resonated with the data of the game director of Days Gone John Garvin – he said 8 million copies.

Sony did not accept the sequel idea, however, it doesn’t make the game bad. Thanks to the dynamic gameplay filled with fights with zombie waves, it is able to please both PlayStation and PC users.

Classic PC-PS cross-platform

Even though Sony’s key motto while developing games has always been “quality is the priority” and almost all games by Sony look like full-scale films with gameplay elements, there is a list that has been available on PC and PlayStation since they were released. These include the most popular multiplayer cross-platforms we will tell you about further.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 6

The unconditional leader of any top list of cross-platform games. The immortal and most popular franchise of the gaming world is available on PlayStation and PC.

The cross-platform feature is expressed in everything: you can play alone on PlayStation gamepad, or with a keyboard and a mouse on PC. If you want to tickle your nerves – no problem. Multiplayer is at your service.

The spin-off of Modern Warfare, Warzone, is available on PC and PlayStation. Warzone with the straightforward title 2.0 was released on PC and PlayStation on 16 November 2022.


Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 7

Any rating of the best cross-platform games for PC and PlayStation in 2022 would not be complete without Fortnite. The legendary battle royale, as well as Call of Duty, seems to be eternal but it draws our attention with something else.

Fortnite works for all audiences which explains its popularity on all platforms perfectly well. Young gamers get hooked on the visual features and iconic characters of pop-culture which actually works for representatives of the older generation of players.

Apex Legends

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 8

Another battle royale that could be played as a PlayStation and PC cross-platform. It cannot reach the level of Call of Duty and Fortnite, however, it doesn’t make the Respawn project any less popular.

In Apex Legends players in teams with 2 or 3 members have to survive on authentic and unique battle fields. The speed, parkour, unique characters with sets of extraordinary skills – what else do you need for a successful cross-platform project? Except that it could be free. Apex Legends is.


Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 9

As well as Call of Duty, it is one of the most long-running franchises in the gaming industry. It is not an exception among the majority of ancient franchises, so it is available on any platform.

The cross-platform is played on both PC and PlayStation. There is no point telling you about the gameplay features of the main football simulation of the world but there is a fun fact to enjoy: EA is going to be deprived of the license and soon it will not be able to release games under the FIFA brand. The era will be gone but FIFA the football simulator will stay with us for a long time.

Rocket League

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 10

The esports arcade racing game was initially released for PlayStation and PC so it could be called a canonical PC-PS cross-platform. The speedy arcade attracts players with their unobtrusive but deep and dynamic gameplay.

Fall Guys

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 11

The phenomenon that helps thousands of gamers to go through the coronavirus pandemic. The crazy game offers tens of mini games that are able to spark fire and sometimes even to make you nervous. Since it was released, it has been available on PC and PS, and its popularity on the first platform is an object of jealousy of full-scale ААА projects.

Dead by Daylight

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 12

Let’s start moving away from bright, colorful and peaceful PC-PS cross-platform games and get down to a grimmer game. This description fits Dead by Daylight.

The project was created by the Behaviour Interactive studio in 2016 for Windows specific but it grew up fast and left home. Dead by Daylight was released on PlayStation on 20 July 2017 becoming a great addition to the list of the games that work both on PlayStation and PC.

Sony’s untouchable projects

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 13

In the course of time Sony have been moderating the exclusivity policy of the released projects. The Japanese corporation understands that even though the fan base is enormous, gamers will be eager to buy new projects of the studio for the full price, but this approach is not going to take them anywhere.

It’s not surprising that Sony’s projects become PS and PC cross-platform. Here we’ve got console cold war with Microsoft where the latter focuses on the subscription model of distribution that brings in profit and it’s pretty common that not everyone is ready to accept the price of 70 dollars for a high-quality but pretty standard 20-hour adventure.

However, there are projects that could be tested as “untouchable”. One of them is Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere which completes the entourage of the project by FromSoftware. It’s impossible to tell why Sony doesn’t release the game from 2015 on other platforms.

Perhaps there is a sacred meaning or maybe the father of souls, which is Bloodborne, is too lazy to be bothered with optimization and remaking a project that aged so well. The first reason is especially relevant for games of the genre as ports of FromSoftware is a different topic for discussion.

Cross platform games PC-PS: the best projects for gaming on Sony consoles and PC in 2022 . Photo 14

Talking about Bloodborne, we cannot forget about the progenitor of the souls-like series. Demon Souls is another eternal exclusive of PlayStation, which has iterations for consoles of different generations. The original game that started the soul cycle was released in 2009, and in 2020 got a new life in the remake named Bluepoint Games for PlayStation 5. The latter never had problems with optimisation.

Another Sony’s “holly cow” is The Last of Us. Joel and Ellie’s adventures formed a special place in the hearts of gamers. Millions of fans, tens of awards, eternal glory. The Last of Us series is unlikely to leave Sony’s home – PlayStation. However, there are reasons for cautious optimism: at the end of 2022, the first entry of The Last of Us, to be more precise, The Last of US: Remake, was released on PlayStation 5 and as the authors claim, it will make it to PC very soon.

Perhaps, The Last of Us: Remake will appear on PC screens in December 2022 but we are not so sure. Regarding the second entry of the story about Ellie and Joel, there is no guarantee that the project will ever be cross-platform on PC and PlayStation. At least, Naughty Dog, in charge of the TLoU universe, haven’t spoken about it yet.


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