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Coral Island has several activities that farming sims fans are used to such as farming, crafting, catching bugs and fish, and mining in caves. Each indie sim game seems to put in the same things as the last, while still adding their own sparkle to make them unique. However, not only has Coral Island expanded on their world to the point where there are over 50 characters to befriend, and over 20 characters to romance, they even pushed the boundaries on what players can do throughout the day. Not only are players able to mine in unique mines, but they can also scuba dive into the ocean. This brings a whole level of excitement for those that are wanting something new to their farming and life sim games.

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This adventure is a unique experience that helps players gather more unique resources, as well as progress the story in an enchanting way. Like most other extra activities in these games, it is not a huge requirement right now for those that aren’t interested, especially since the game is still in Early Access, but as more is updated, the more likely players will want to hop into the depths and explore. Players should opt to try it out, but since it’s unique, some might need a few tips on how to navigate diving, and what to look forward to below the ocean.


6/6 Unlocking The Diving Feature

coral island diving pier

For players just starting out the game, diving is not available to them yet. There are some things that players must wait for before they can jump into the water. On the 8th day of Spring, players will receive a letter from the towns Lab Technician, Ling, that asks players to meet her at the Diving Pier.

At this time, players will be able to unlock this ability with the objective of cleaning the ocean floor and findings structures in the water, with the help of a cute robot by their side. This will begin players adventure.

5/6 Activate Pillars Along The Way

coral island diving entrance

When players first dive into the water, they will see a bunch of trash lying around with various coral reef and fish floating by. Using their scythe, players will swipe away trash, pocketing some as they clean up the floor. This not only helps unlock more terrain but will give experience and give players various items. The more players use their scythe, the more experience they will gain which in turn levels up their diving skill and increase efficiency.

As players clean the trash, they will notice strange structures around the outside of the specific area they are cleaning. Depending on the size, players might see one to three, or maybe four, of these structures. They will need to be activated in order to access the next area. As players clear the area, golden orbs will appear under the debris. By interacting with it, players will see that they orb will float inside one of these structures, thus lighting it up and activating it.

4/6 Clear The Path & Remember Where To Go

coral island diving move anchor

Some players might enjoy clearing the whole area before moving on the next, but for those that are in a rush to get to the next area still needs to do a decent job at cleaning the floor. Once a pillar is activated, a pulsing light will come from the structure, forming a line on the ocean floor. If the line is obstructed by anything in its path, it will not fully function. Players will need to clear the way in order to for the light to make to its objective.

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With all structures activated in the specific area, players will notice a large pulse that clears away all the black tar and junk on the sides, opening the path to a new section. The ocean floor can seem like a maze, and as of right now, there is no map that helps players find out where they’re going or where they’ve gone, so making sure they finish one section completely before moving on can be helpful, so there doesn’t need to be any backtracking.

3/6 Collect Everything

coral island diving resources kelp kelp essence

It may seem like an obvious section for any life and farm sim, but collecting underneath the water is crucial. Not only are there creatures that players can catch with their net, but there are several coffers and materials that can be found within the debris.

Even the sparkly kelp that can be gathered is a crucial part of the game. Making kelp essence is a great for leveling up different crops, ensuring more money for either the current or future seasons.

2/6 Stamina, Snacks & Anchors

coral island diving treasure coffer

Like every activity, managing stamina while moving around is challenging, especially if players start at 6am and are tired by 2pm. Managing stamina is crucial to making the most out of a day. It can be a pain to be so close to clearing an area, just to have to leave and come back the next day. Bringing snacks is the best idea to ensure players can stay underwater as long as possible.

While there are great snacks that can be brought from home, there are also some edible snacks that can be found underwater such as Duck Mussels, Steamer Clams, Sea Mushrooms, Urchins, and much more. Don’t forget as well that the anchor can be moved to players exact location as many times as they want just by pressing X. That way no energy is over exerted, and players can safely make it home.

1/6 Be Patient

coral island diving move anchor-1

Another potentially obvious tip, but diving under the ocean floor takes a lot of time and patience. Since the game is in Early Access, going through the mines might be a little bit easier since not a lot has been added yet, but the diving area is detailed and vast. Not only should players be patient when the day is over, but there are also sea creatures underwater that will block their path until they get a specific item they request.

That means, if players don’t have a specific item, they will have to grow and wait until they can collect the right ingredient for the creatures to move. That being said, for an added hint for the future, players might want to look into cows as they progress the ocean.

Coral Island is in Early Access on PC

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