Changes in Dota 2: who should you pick as the hard lane?

The end of September has marked the release of another patch for Dota 2. The developers from the Valve studio have changed the skills of some heroes and features of the items that will impact the in-game performance at a tournament. This should be considered if you want to make a bet on the website GG.BET and win a prize.

After reading the changes, many professional players have revealed their opinions about which of the heroes will be the best at particular positions. The Ukrainian esportsman, Andrii «Ghostik» Kadyk is not an exception. He chose a pack of heroes, which are the best for playing offlane (the third position). Who should you pick for this position? Find out below.

The best heroes, according to the esportaman

Death Prophet will become one of the strongest hardliners in the new patch. The witch prophesying death is perfect. It is almost impossible to lose your line if you pick it. Despite the developers nerfing the character, its overall power has not changed that significantly.


The second place of the personal rating is held by a pretty popular hero. Enigma is a character, which deals a lot of damage to towers and is also strong during the lane phase and big fights. The esportsman thinks that Enigma should not be written off even if the opponents draft the team with the ability to counter the Black Hole skill.

Undying holds third place on the list. The hero that steals the opponent’s strength will cause lots of problems. The developers have increased the amount of mana, which is required to cast the spell, the experienced player will save his line and make his opponent nervous.

Axe is fourth in the rankings. This is because the carry heroes, which used to perform well against this character, lost their relevance after the patch was released. This is Andrii Kadyk’s opinion.

Legion Commander closes the top five heroes. Its duels are still actual, so you will be able to increase the character’s damage if you level up wisely.

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