Chamber, Phoenix nerfs coming to Valorant, Riot says in Valorant State of Agents post


Chamber, Phoenix nerfs coming to Valorant, Riot says in Valorant State of Agents post


The devs also gave us a few hints on the new agent all set to join Valorant.

The latest State of the Agents Valorant blog has revealed some interesting changes coming to some of the most popular Valorant agents. And Chamber gets a special mention as Riot is exploring various methods to bring him on par with other controllers.

“You’ve likely noticed Chamber overtaking the Sentinel role, pushing his peers further behind in their presence,” said Riot in the State of the Agents post.

Is Chamber OP?

Chamber Valorant Image
Image Credit: Riot Games.

Chamber is one of those agents that is consistently seen at the top of the Valorant professional scene. Players like Yay have been abel to use Chamber for maximum impact and are often dominating their matches with flashy plays, significantly high percentage of entry frag duels and more.

Chamber received quite a few nerfs in the 5.03 patch update, but clearly they are not enough. The agent continues to remain one of the most popular at VCT Champs Istanbul. His ability to easily teleport away after getting a one-shot kill is one of the most overpowered abilities in the game. For players that have a great understanding of his abilities, the Agent becomes extremely handy to get your team an early advantage. 

Riot confirmed the agent’s pick rate usually goes up as we move up the ranks. It also has a significantly higher impact on many more maps than normal, which makes the agent significantly overpowered compared to other controllers. 

On the power front, we’ll nerf Chamber in ways that should make drawbacks of picking him sharper with the intention that our best players shouldn’t always gravitate towards Chamber. 

Phoenix Nerfs incoming

Alongside Chamber, Phoenix is yet another agent that has a very high win-rate in ranked. Even though Phoenix is extremely popular picked in professional games, the agent enjoys a high level of popularity in ranked matches.

Early signs are promising that picking Phoenix is no longer a gamble.

Early indications suggest Phoenix’s flash is one of the most impactful in the entire scene and as such makes him extremely potent. Phoenix’s flash is unique in that it can bend across corners and catch opponents with little time to react. Most of the other flashes in the game (such as Kayo, or even Reyna’s blind) often give significant time for opponents to turn or adjust vision. 

Riot also confirmed the developers are relooking at the flash landscape and will bring about changes to how flashes work in Valorant. 

As a sentinel, Cypher is one of weaker agents in the lineup and Riot is looking at ways to improve his kit and increase his popularity in Valorant. will update you with the changes as and when they arrive in Valorant. With the VCT Champs currently ongoing, players can expect some updates after the conclusion of the tournament.

Stay tuned to for the latest Valorant news and updates.

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