CHAINSAW MAN: Episode 5 "GUN DEVIL" Review


Denji is a simple man with simple pleasures, but he can’t seem to think past his ultimately short-term goals, and the start of this week’s episode once again sees him uncertain about his future. But if Chainsaw Man has proven anything thus far, it’s quick to keep the ball rolling, giving Denji a new target which will undoubtedly be the beginning of something more.

Last week, in the aftermath of the Bat Devil’s extermination by Denji, the incident was wrapped up neatly, and Denji covered for Power, ensuring she wouldn’t be killed for her brief betrayal. Even with the awesome opening fight, it stood out for its dialog and how it focused on the characters’ daily lives.



The Gun Devil

With the principal cast established and all living in an apartment together, the show feels like it is commencing the actual story. The Gun Devil is such an ominous and powerful antagonist with a lot of gravity and mystery in its presentation (or lack thereof). It’s also a Devil with a personal connection to Aki.

Makima once again seduces Denji, this time to ensure that he’s properly motivated, in a display of intimacy rarely captured so tastefully in animation. Power’s lewd offer at the end of Episode 4 only proved how small such a goal was in the first place by the beginning of Episode 5.

In response, Makima raised the bar, understanding how to properly manipulate him by offering him intimacy better than anyone else, while planting seeds to ensure further loyalty. It goes to show how effective Makima is as a character that she is so obviously evil, and yet the presentation is so intimate and delicate that it’s easy to find comfort in her character.

Back to the quest at hand, the Gun Devil’s introduction is as perfect for a (presumably) main boss as one could ask for; a Devil that spawned as a result of America’s hellish gun violence. It’s a very dark, very serious, but so disgustingly fascinating premise that could only be done effectively in a story that has won the audience’s good graces as Chainsaw Man has.

The Extermination Squad

It’s exciting to start getting to know the rest of the team that Denji is working with, even if there is a sort of lingering fear about their lifespan. If this were Attack on Titan, Arai and Kobeni would be first on the chopping block, but it isn’t, so let’s not fret over superstition and appreciate how adorable the cast is together.

Denji and Power, despite their initial friction, make a volatile and hilarious combo of juvenile weirdos making the adult Aki’s life a living hell. They mention a prank they pulled on Aki that never quite gets elaborated on, but that desperately needs to be. But creeping her way into the spotlight this week is the eye-patch-wearing Himeno.

Aki’s partner, Himeno has an air of experience about her, yet a far more carefree attitude when socializing with her team members. Even as danger strikes, she’s not just composed, but has no qualms about joking around or sharing how cool her contract with the Ghost Devil is.

The flashback late in the episode goes to show that under that veneer, there’s definitely an edge to her, and in all likelihood, the reasons she is so cheery could be for the benefit of others. Someone accustomed to losing a lot of people might avoid connection out of an acceptance that people aren’t around for long, or they might adopt a more outwardly relaxed persona.

This episode set up a truly terrifying adversary that one can only imagine at this point. It makes one wonder what other kinds of Devils will appear and if there is more meaning behind their conception. Additionally, this week drummed up more interest for the supporting cast and laid some enticing breadcrumbs that will hopefully lead to learning more about each of them.

Ending Theme Week 5

This week, the ending was not only gorgeous but also tied beautifully into the cliffhanger of the episode, presenting trippy and occasionally optical illusionary imagery. It’s more apparent than ever how each ending theme seems constructed perfectly for each corresponding episode.

In that vein, Makima’s rather holy-looking portrayal feels extra poignant after her latest intimate manipulation of Denji. The ending was directed by Hiromatsu Shuu, who is known for particularly mesmerizing animation. This animation even appears to reference an iconic shot of an opening Shuu animated that went viral; a shot of a golden apple, which in the Chainsaw Man ED explodes into a shower of blood.

The song is “In The Backroom” by syudou, a Vocaloid producer like last week’s artist TOOBOE. A big inspiration behind the sound according to syudou was Denji, as they asked themselves what kind of music they would make. “I thought maybe he would scream out his emotions. As a result, I think that such a song was completed,” they said about the song’s creation.

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