Can you Bet on ESports and how does it Work?


ESports is one of the fastest growing competitions in the world. There are a lot of reasons for this which has helped to create almost a perfect storm for the industry to grow at a quick rate. It has meant that ESports have started to expand into a lot of other industries, which is all part of its natural growth cycle. If you’ve ever wondered if you can place a bet on ESports then keep reading to learn exactly what you can do.

What is ESports?

This might be the most common question that most people ask. What is ESports? Basically, it is a competitive tournament for video games. There are a lot of different video games that offer the ability to be played competitively. League of Legends, Fortnite and FIFA are just some of the ESports that have competitions that attract pro players.

What has really helped it to grow over the last few years is the influx of sponsorship money. It means that the top tournaments pay out enough money for people to become full time video gamers. This has changed the landscape and meant that many more people are looking to go into gaming as a career.

Of course, this couldn’t have happened if video games hadn’t made the shift to a more mainstream hobby over the last few years. When video games were first introduced they were something that were seen as nerdy and an outsider hobby. As the quality of games has increased so has the perception of them. They’re no longer seen as something only outsiders play, they are a mainstream hobby that almost everyone takes part in. As such, ESports is a highly desirable career to move into, on a par with that of a professional athlete.

What does this mean?

It basically means that it has drawn the attention of other industries. So, because it’s now a regulated competitive tournament, it means that ESports competitions have started to be made available at sportsbooks. FIFA tournaments, LoL, Counterstrike and Fortnite are just some of the games that can be found on sportsbooks when there are tournaments running.

They do work slightly differently to standard sports betting though. Firstly, players are able to bet on a much smaller number of markets in relation to real life sports. This is because the number of metrics that are in place are generally much smaller. Because there are fewer metrics to track it means that the number of markets is smaller. Which makes sense.


There are also fewer events on offer as well. This is because the scope of ESports is much smaller than that of real sports currently. This also makes sense as ESports are a very new competition. This means that it’s logical that the number of events that are available are significantly smaller than traditional sports.

The way that the bets are paid out works exactly the same as with standard sports though. The result that you want to choose has odds offered on it, you set your stake and then if your bet wins the winnings are paid out to you.


This is something that a lot of people are worried about currently. Because ESports is a new form of event, it means that people think that it could be susceptible to corruption. However, this is unlikely for a number of reasons. Firstly, most people who get into gaming at a high level do so because they want to be seen as the best. It’s much different to traditional sports which are often seen as a passport to becoming rich. Gaming has never been about becoming rich, so as such money hasn’t really made its way into the industry at the moment.

Secondly, there just isn’t enough money in the ESports world for it to be worth trying to bribe someone at the moment. Winners of tournaments will be paid more than any bribe, so it makes much more sense for players to do their very best than it would to deliberately lose a game.


The future of ESports is much brighter than that of more traditional sports. The main reason for this is because it’s so new. As such, it has many more possibilities open to it. New developments can come along all of the time which could make it a much more viable spectator sport.

Of course, it’s not just about developments in terms of watching and enjoying it either. There’s also the fact that new games are constantly released. This means that there’s almost always something coming along that’s new and exciting. This is a much more different landscape than that of traditional sports. Soccer, football, cricket, basketball or any other sport you might want to mention don’t have this ability.

Each one of them has the same game that has always been played, with some slight rule changes here and there. However, video games have the ability to provide something completely new every six months. This is why in the future we might see ESports dominating over traditional sports. Both in terms of viewing figures and in terms of users at sportsbooks.


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