Callisto Protocol: Outbreak Walkthrough (Chapter 2)


By some sort of miracle, Jacob Lee manged to survive the crash landing on Callisto. Unfortunately for him, he soon ends up getting arrested for reasons unknown to him. As if Jacob’s situation wasn’t bad enough, he wakes up in a prison cell and quickly realizes that something is wrong. His cell is unlocked, there are dead bodies everywhere, and it appears that some of the inmates and staff of Black Iron Prison have begun to change into monstrous creatures.


The second chapter of The Callisto Protocol, Outbreak, is where the game truly begins. Players are introduced to the combat mechanics of the game and learn the basics of what they need to do in order to survive.

This walkthrough contains spoilers, so players should proceed with caution.

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Leave the Cell

Not long after the first chapter of The Callisto Protocol ends, a cutscene will play where Jacob is processed and implanted with a CORE. From a gameplay standpoint, the CORE serves as a health bar for players. Once all the cutscenes are done, Jacob wakes up inside a prison cell.

All players need to do is approach the cell door, and they will be able to leave and explore their surroundings. In order to advance the story, move along the hallway of cells and go down the stairs. In one of the cells is an inmate named Elias. Elias asks for help with getting out of his cell and gives Jacob a shiv, which unlocks another achievement/trophy. Move on and use the shiv to open the control panel for the door and disable the lock.

Combat Tutorial


Up to this point, Callisto Protocol has been taking its time to build suspense. The moment players enter the control room, they will immediately be thrown into a combat tutorial. To begin with, players will be taught how to dodge and how to attack when there is an opening. Once this is finished, players will get to test what they’ve learned as they encounter their first Biophage. Simply dodge when it is about to attack and then attack when it lets its guard down.

Once the Biophage is dead, use the controls to open all cells that are still locked. From there, head back to try and rendezvous with Elias. Since a gate blocks their path, Elias tells Jacob to go to the Watchtower. While heading to the Watchtower, players will encounter another Biophage. Upon killing it, players will get a tutorial about stomping on Biophage corpses to get loot. Since resources like health and ammo are scarce, it is recommended that players stomp on every Biophage they come across.

In order to reach the elevator that goes to the Watchtower, players will need to go down another elevator and through a crawlspace. Beyond this area is another Biophage and a wall mounted box that contains a Health Injector. While inventory space may be limited, it is highly recommended to try and always have at least one Health Injector in reserve as much as possible.

Detour Through Solitary


Jacob encounters a setback as he uses the elevator to go to the Watchtower. Instead of going up, the elevator goes down into Solitary Confinement. Fortunately there is another way to reach the Watchtower through Solitary. While going through Solitary, Callisto Protocol players should make sure to keep an eye out for Credits and Energy Converters.

Credits can be used at Reforge Stations and Energy Converters can be sold for Credits. Since Credits are used for upgrading weapons, players will want to try and find as many as possible in order to get powerful upgrades. Solitary is fairly linear, so players will have no trouble finding their way out.

Sneak Past the Security Unit


Shortly after leaving Solitary, a brief cutscene will play where two inmates are killed by a Security Unit. This is a mandatory stealth section where players will want to avoid being seen by the Security Unit that is roaming around the area. There are lots of boxes to hide behind, and the area gives players plenty of room to move around.


In the event that Callisto Protocol players are detected, their best option is to start running. Once they arrive in the operating room, they will be safe from the patrolling Security Unit. In order to proceed, players will need to keep an eye out for a fuse that they can pull out of the malfunctioning panel. Further up the hallway is another panel. When players insert the fuse, they will be able to unlock the door.

A Message From the Warden


After watching a recorded hologram of the Warden, players should keep an eye out for a vent coated in blood. This is where players need to go to advance the story. Upon reaching the other side of the vent, players will have to fight two Biophages at once. In order to survive this encounter, players will need to carefully dodge and then attack only when there is an opening. Once the Biophages are dead, move toward the vent on the right to enter the next area.

This room is supposed to be a weapons cache, but it has already been looted. All that is left is a Stun Baton, which is certainly an upgrade over the metal bar that players started out with. After testing out the Stun Baton on a Biophage, go through the half open door. There is a wall mounted box nearby with a Health Injector inside. Players will want to grab it, because as they approach the elevator to the Watchtower they will have to fight four Biophages.

Encounter With Captain Ferris


After dealing with the Biophages, use the elevator to go up to the Watchtower. Sneak across the hallway while Captain Ferris is distracted with giving out orders over the radio. Upon attempting to open the nearby door with a shiv, a cutscene will play with Captain Ferris catching Jacob. Fortunately for Jacob, Captain Ferris is attacked by Biophages and is thrown out a window.

Before moving on through the now open door, Callisto Protocol players should approach the table that Captain Ferris was standing near. On the table is a recording called Ferris’s Lament. After going through the checkpoint beyond that door, the second chapter will end.

The Callisto Protocol is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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