Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- New Datamines Reveal Information About Future Weapons, Maps and Zombie Mode


Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has yet to launch as a full game, new leaks have revealed some of the future additions that we will see in the upcoming entry of the popular FPS series.

According to new datamined information found on the game’s subreddit, the FPS title will soon feature new primary weapons. The post contained a video showcasing the primary weapon selection screen from the game following the release of the early access campaign, which can be viewed using a glitch.

These guns were originally not part of the open beta for Modern Warfare II, and at the moment it’s unclear whether they will debut with the launch or arrive as an update after some time.

And it’s not just new weapons that players can expect, as we might soon see the arrival of 16 maps at launch. According to Insider Gaming, dataminers have found evidence of 11 6v6 maps and 5 Ground war maps.

The 6v6 maps include Breenbergh Hotel, Museum, Mercado Las Almas, Taraq, Crown Raceway, Al Bagra Fortress, Zarqwa Hydroelectric, Santa Seña, Border Crossing, Farm 18, Embassy, and El Asilo. On the other hand, the Ground War maps are called Sa’id, Sariff Bay, Santa Seña, Zarqwa Hydroelectric, and Al Bagra Fortress.

Along with that, in another report, Insider Gaming has also revealed information about Call of Duty’s classic Zombie mode also being part of the title as well. The leaked files reveal the return of round-based zombies and Outbreak, which made its debut in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

While the mode won’t be available at launch, the files seem to suggest that fans should expect to see zombies in Modern Warfare 2 soon.


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