Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Scrapped Campaign Leaks Four Years After the Game’s Release


Four years after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, we finally have details about the campaign that never made it to the title.

In a massive Reddit post on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, Redditor u/Purpletoaster20 shared information on Black Ops 4’s campaign titled Career. Prior to the title’s release in 2018, Treyarch and Activision had stated that it wouldn’t have a single player campaign, which to this day is the only Call of Duty entry to release without one.

According to the Reddit post, Treyarch was planning to build a co-op 2v2 ‘race to the finish’ mode, which would incorporate a live-service model in a traditional campaign story that would later tie-in with the game’s multiplayer mode. The campaign was being developed in 2017 before it was scrapped in early 2018, and the Reddit post contains many images of the mode’s early documentation, missions and storyboards.

Even though the Career offered 2v2 co-op campaign experience, Black Ops 4 players would have been able to try it out on their own with the AI doing rest of the legwork.

Other than the wildly new 2v2 experience, the mode also offered branching with its storylines with the decisions made by players having major consequences. Depending on the choices made by players, their missions and story would have changed drastically, which adds an element of repeatability for the community to return to the campaign.

With regards to the Career’s plot, the campaign would have taken place in the year 2070 after the events of Call of Duty: Black Ops III. In 2070, the world is in shambles with lack of resources causing “The Year of Chaos.” The 2v2 aspect of the game would allow players to choose between two factions in the Free People’s Army (FPA) and the World United Nations (WUN), who are at war with each other.

The post confirmed that the missions would have massively jumped in scale from Black Ops III’s campaign, and Treyarch also had plans to create exciting new elements such as companions, and fleshed out handlers, who would provide context to the missions that players would partake in.

In the end, by the looks of it, it looks like Treyarch certainly had huge ambitions with the Career, as the mode would have provided an entirely new experience for players to enjoy in the Call of Duty franchise. However, it’s unfortunate that it never saw the light of day.


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