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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

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Today I bring you a game that I was initially excited for but kind of turned into a bit of a disappointment. The ads for this game hype up this game so much and it has a very bad and costly system to try to gain new cards. 

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There are a lot of things on this screen. Most of it won’t really be used starting out. There are 2 forms of currency, magenta gems, and coins. The gems are the premium currency needed to get a ‘chance’ to collect the better cards in the game. Coins are used to buy some card packs as well as a few different late game tasks.

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When you click on the avatar icon in the top left of the screen you get a statistic of all the things you have done in the game. You can even toggle if you show online or not. 

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The next tab is all the available avatars you can choose from. You may be able to possibly unlock new ones but I did not find anything as to unlocking them.

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Lastly is the backgrounds that display on the main screen. These are high-detailed images of real-world places and this is the nice part about the app is spreading history.

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The main part of the shop shows some deals that help you grab a specific theme of cards that could potentially give you hidden combos.

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The next section has a set of packs that rotate out. There is a mix of premium currency or very expensive packs. This gives this game a very high pay to win feel and makes it seem rather unfair to the plays that can not pay into the game. Futher down are basic cards you can buy with the coins or gems.

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The third section is the premium currency tab. It has a standard rate that I have seen among many online games.

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The last page is the coins option. These are fairly inexpensive compared to the premium currency, but yet does use the premium currency to purchase.

Screenshot 20220515 183812

As you level up you can gain coins, gems and free packs. These packs contain a small number of cards but nothing that will really get you too far because there is a large pool of cards that could possibly be obtained, and this makes it very hard to get any good combo cards to battle with.

Screenshot 20220515 183856

Sometimes, you will get very strong and powerful rare cards. These cards normally require other rare cards to combo with or a matching set. There is a counter on the bottom left of the screen that shows you the remaining number of items in a pack.

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Here is a quick example of the daily spin wheel. You have a chance of winning some rare cards or packs from them.

Screenshot 20220515 184235

When you look at your collection, you can read all the information o a card here. I won’t go over how the rules of the game work as there is an extensive tutorial that explains all of it. You can click on the card to learn about the history of the object, person or creature.

Screenshot 20220515 184247

You can create several decks of 15 cards. These card have many different effects and affect your score differently. Some cards seem good initially but then end up actually harming your over-all score in the long run. Some of these cards really need better explanations on them.

Screenshot 20220515 184301

There appears to be a way to craft random cards in this game but I did not make it far enough to figure out how to do these things.

Screenshot 20220515 184324

There appears to be a system in this game if you have a set of a specific card you can transform all of them into very a single rarer card. This requires you to buy a LOT of random card packs and just hope you get what you need. This is unfair and reminds me of bad loot crates.

Screenshot 20220515 184340

Here is a quick example of what it takes to fuse cards into stronger cards.

Screenshot 20220515 184358

This is the crafting screen. You have to get rid of a LOT of copies of cards to get anything useful from this menu. It gives you a slight comfort as all those commons are not going to waste but it takes so much of them it’s not worth it.

Screenshot 20220515 184618

For the most part you can only play in causal mode until you get to a certain level. Here you could run into any cards or opponents. There are specific rules as listed here that affect how the game is played. Other battle modes have different rules that constantly rotate out and makes the whole game confusing to master.

Screenshot 20220515 190422

And at last, the main battle screen you will see a lot of. The game explains everything here in a tutorial.


two cog

 2 of 5 cogs.

This game had so much potential but… it is so hard to gain any strong cards to use against opponents and because of that, it makes it impossible to be competitive without spending a lot of money in this game.


five cogs

 5 of 5 cogs.

I only mark this as 5 cogs because this game is based on real historical facts. As far as I can tell it appears to be accurate but there are thousands of cards in this game and fact-checking them all is impossible.

Amount of ads:


no ad loop

 optional only

This game has optional ads only and very limited amount of them.

Accurate Advertising?:


Now, the ads for this game are very much click-baity. The mention you could learn a lot of information and just by playing this game you become smarter. They also mention specific things found in cards in this game that simply does not exist at all. The ads are over-hyped and is misleading as the information you learn about each card is nothing more than just small amount of flavor text.


five cogs 5 of 5 cogs.

The game uses HD images of real-worl places, items, people, objects or animals. 


four cogs

 4 of 5 cogs.

Asside from the fact that the game is pay to win, the main combat initially feels balanced in as you start off but at some point there is a significant amount of fall-off when you start to face higher level opponents that have better cards.

Free play:


You can unlock some things slowly as you play but if you want to get access to the strong and powerful cards you have to spend premium currency, which isn’t the easiest to get in this game without paying. The game is uses loot crate methods to get money out of people.

Fun factor:

😩 disappointment.

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