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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!



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Today is a simple and casual breakout style game. There are hundreds of clones of this very style of game on the playstore and this one is a bit of lower tier game. This game is very difficult and at times you are forced to watch optional videos to get a retry or have to spend red daimonds to do so. You also are urged to buy power-ups just to complete the levels.

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If you play daily, you can earn free premium red diamonds or other power-ups. These gems are crucile if you want to finish some of the harder levels in this game. Progress can be very slow in this game and some levels can take several tries to complete.

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The option menu is a nice slide out box that gives you everything you need in one place. You can log in via facebook to save your progress to the cloud.

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On the main screen you can click on the bottom icon that looks like a map. Here you can replay previous levels and try to get to 3 stars. These stars are required to unlock special puzzle pieces to complete another mode of the game.

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Here is a preview that you get before every level. The power-ups hidden behind the locks here will be gone over in the next screen shot. Here you can also pay 50 red gems to get a ‘guide’ that will help you aim for some time. This power-up does not really help much at all.

Screenshot 20220417 064403

I won’t spend time on these as the description is in the screenshot. These power-ups are much more expensive costing hundreds of gems to just by a single power-up.

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This is the basic level. You have a limited number of balls you can use to try to break the blocks. The numbers represent how many hits that single block needs. The orange balls with the +1 gives you more balls to use on this current level. The green arrows are special in level power-ups that disappear after they are used once. The  main idea is to aim the balls to bounce around the map in the most efficient matter. This can be very challenging to complete.

Screenshot 20220417 064030

After you complete a level you can see what you can unlock for completing a level with max hearts. You can win red diamond, power-ups or even special pieces (not pictured here.) 

Screenshot 20220417 064228

Click on the trophie to bring up the different modes. Here you can play different variations on the base game in a randomly generated level. Here you can compete for a high score on the leaderboards.

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A secondary mode is unlocked as you progress through levels as well. The road trip is access by clicking on the car. Here you are taking to levels that have the theme of different places as if you’re on a road trip across the world.

Screenshot 20220417 064237

Lastly is the shop menu. Some of these things are really expensive and the base level for powerups make it equivalent to a dollar per power-up. this is very expensive for the cheapest option. You can watch videos as well to earn some of the premium currency as well. 

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three cog 3 of 5 cogs.

Overall, this is a very middle of the road game. It has a lot of the flaws of hyper-casual games and they try to bleed money from you without offering too much value. I will give it this game is not very repetitive compared to similar but it is very challenging to complete a single level. 


no cog

 0 of 5 cogs.

-=Story not found=-

Amount of ads:


Mid ad animation

 Medium amount

There are several ads that show up in this game. You have a constant banner ad displayed on the screen all the time and you have a forced video ad after completing a level even if you watch optional power-up videos or not.

Accurate Advertising?:


The screenshots on google play are completely click-bait and inaccurate. From the few videos I’ve seen for this game they can be a mixed bag of legit but many of them are indeed click-bait. This game does not adhere to transparent advertising.


 three cog3 of 5 cogs.

This game has very basic and flat colored graphics. There is nothing special here graphically that is different from any other game like it.


two cog


 of 5 cogs.

The gameplay is slightly better than some of the clones, but it is still very unfair and challenging. This really pull you away from the game unless you spend time watching a lot of optional videos.

Free play:


For the most part, you can play this game for free but there is a lot of pressure to spend money if you wish to keep playing or make progress.

Fun factor:

😞 mostly flat gameplay.

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