Blue Archive releases new update featuring new Events, Characters and more


In recent months, Nexon has held a lot of events for the well-liked mobile RPG Blue Archive. In the most recent event, Hot Springs Resort No. 227 Daily Log, several students found stunning hot springs, opened a resort, and dealt with all the drama that goes along with it. A roadmap for a fresh update that will be released over the following months was also announced at the time by the developers as a preview of what was to come in Blue Archive.

Blue Archive has launched pre-registration for two upcoming player events

For two brand-new event storylines, “Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol” and “Kosaka Wakamo’s Silence and Feast,” mobile RPG Blue Archive has launched pre-registration sign-ups. A personalised pop-up response from one of the 70 students will be provided to players who write to them by Monday, September 5 on the pre-registration page.

As a thank you for taking part, 500,000 lucky gamers will earn up to 2,400 Pyroxene, an in-game currency. Serika (Fresh Year), a new pupil, was also added. The piercing-type supporter Serika (New Year) hits opponents within an arch-shaped range and reduces their critical damage for 30 seconds.

Also available right now is the second half of “Main Story Vol. 3 Eden Treaty Ch. 3 ‘Our Stories’”. In this tale, Azusa and the Make-Up Work Club students enter the fray to thwart the Arius Squad’s attack. All users who log in before Tuesday, August 30 will receive 1,200 Pyroxene as a celebration of the story update.

Image via Nexon

Sensei and his pupils sign the Eden Treaty in volume three’s chapter three, “Our Stories,” which advances the plot of Blue Archive and finally identifies the Trinity General School traitor. With the traitor’s captivity, everything appears to be OK and normalcy has returned, but of course, that can’t be the case. Trinity is once again in upheaval as a result of a dramatic turn of events.

Nodoka (Hot Spring), the newest heroine to join Blue Archive’s already enormous cast of characters, is Spec Ops No. 227’s special pupil at Red Winter Federal Academy. Her EX Skill allows her to hurl a tonne of delectable treats at an ally in a circle to heal them if they have the least health.

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