Blizzard has a new way to deal with toxicity in Overwatch 2

Blizzard has a new way to deal with toxicity in Overwatch 2


Will the Defense Matrix program reduce toxicity in Overwatch 2? Blizzard is rolling out a new solution to bad behavior.

Toxicity is nothing new to Overwatch. In fact, a new phrase is being constantly dropped in chat that has only made the toxicity in Overwatch 2 even worse. To combat this, Blizzard is rolling out a new feature that it believes will reduce toxic interactions.

Blizzard recently shared a new blog post outlining changes in the latest update. It included the controversial decision to enable aim assist in cross-play between console and PC players as well as a program called Defense Matrix meant to combat bullying.

Mei disabled

Defense Matrix will use audio transcriptions to help Blizzard developers analyze voice chat recordings of a reported player. It will be utilizing a speech-to-text program to transcribe the temporary audio recordings. The recordings themselves will not be listened to and will be quickly deleted once the text file is complete.

When players enter voice chat, they will be notified that voice chat may be recorded. The voice recording will only start, however, when someone is reported. Blizzard asked that Overwatch 2 players report someone “as close to when disruptive behavior occurred” to make the feature more effective.

Defense Matrix currently being rolled out to PC players in select countries.

Sombra from Overwatch 2

Only time will tell if Defense Matrix will make an impact on toxic behavior in Overwatch 2.

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