Blizzard Details The Development Behind The "Cyber Demon Genji" Skin


Veterans of Overwatch may have noticed that with the release of Overwatch 2, a new tier of skin was added for fans to unlock: Mythic. Cyber Demon Genji was our first look at this new Mythic skin tier, which goes another step above the already impressive Legendary tier.

Overwatch designers made sure to stay true to Genji’s roots when making this new skin, choosing to give him a style that would fit right in in a futuristic neo-japan. Genji’s Animations, VFX, and SFX were all majorly overhauled, from the bigger details such as giving him two selectable weapon styles, to some smaller ones such as move effects leaving his mask once opened. Due to the expansive nature of this skin, designers had to also overhaul Genji’s hero select screen, emotes, and victory poses to make sure they would all work as intended.


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