Black Desert Mobile: ‘Path of Glory’ Season 10 brings exciting new features and more


Today, Pearl Abyss revealed that Black Desert Mobile would launch Season 10 of the PvE content “Path of Glory.” The Family Dungeon’s new elements, such as permanent Emblems and Fairy Brooches, will aid in the development of the characters in this last season.

Path of Glory Season 10 brings amazing rewards to Black Desert Mobile

Players choose up to six individuals from their Families to defend a gate against swarms of persistent opponents in the Path of Glory. Path of Glory’s most recent season added a new Rift 19 difficulty setting where players would battle angry enemies including Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, and Muskan. All characters in the player’s Family who successfully complete the season will receive permanent emblems with improved stats.

Gemstones, which may be added to Primal or higher-grade Emblems to make them even stronger, allow for greater player growth this season. By using “Tus’ Breath,” which is gained by beating the Tus’ Nest Dungeon, each Gemstone can be improved.

Black Desert Mobile introduces fairy outfits, brooches, and exciting events

Players can now equip Fairy Outfits and Brooches, if they’re looking for new methods to cement their relationship with their Fairy. Players who finish the quest “Fairy Meets Fashion” will get access to Fairy Brooches, which they can then upgrade to give their characters PvP damage reduction.

They can also earn rewards through several events in November 2022, including:

  • November 1 – 8: PLAY BDM! Mission Relay!
    • Complete relay missions to obtain a variety of items including a [Epic] Weapon Outfit Chest, Appearance Coupon, and more.
  • November 9 – 14: PLAY BDM! Group up!
    • Group up with guild members and complete the guild quest to obtain daily PLAY BDM Coins, which can be exchanged for various in-game items. 
  • November 15 – 22: PLAY BDM! Show off your Guild!
    • Play Bingo with the PLAY BDM Bingo Pass, which can be collected from enemies. Players can receive rewards every time they open a bingo tile and complete a line. A Play BDM Gear Up Chest will be rewarded to players each time they spend five or more passes. 

For additional information on Black Desert Mobile, please visit the official website.

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