Black Adam Makes His Way to Injustice 2 Mobile: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Game’s Latest Anti-Hero


The hierarchy of power is about to change in DC’s Injustice universe, as Black Adam makes his way to Injustice 2 Mobile.

With the character soon debuting in his own live-action film next week, DC fans are excited to see what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has in store for them as the Man in Black.

However, before the ruler of Kahndaq makes his way to a theatre near you, familiarize yourself with the character as he joins the stacked roster of Injustice 2 Mobile.

The character has debuted on the popular title as part of Update 5.5, and the patch notes delve deep into some of the powers that Black Adam has in the game.

As a powerful Damage Dealer who specializes in attacks against opponents with casting abilities, Black Adam is equipped with Passive moves like Courage of Mehen, Stamina of Shu and Strength of Amon. Furthermore, he also comes with three special moves in Straight Blast, Lightning Discharge and Storm Cloud. Finally, Teth-Adam also has a supermove worth fearing about in Shazam!, as the move flings opponents to Egypt for a catastrophic ligthning strike.

Black Adam’s inclusion in Injustice 2 Mobile also means that players have a new Solo Raid event to try out. The event titled ‘Ancient Judgement’ will see fans attempting to defeat the Man in Black, after he infiltrates the Justice Society of America. Other than that, the game also has new artifacts from Kahndaq for players to equip them to their favorite heroes.


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