Binany Trader Wins Nearly $25,000 in 3 Weeks

Success stories are different. Some get inheritance from wealthy relatives, some work hard for decades until they get rich, and some just surf the internet and do online trading. The latest group includes an Indian trader named Anil whobecame nearly $25,000 richer in the summer of 2022 .

How did he achieve this? Let’s look at the points

  • Step one: He signed up with Binany, which is very simple – thousands of people around the world do it every day.
  • Step two: He has watched all the trading training videos on the site.
  • Step three: Every day I began to increase the amount of bets by 2 times and make 50 bets.
  • Step four and the most pleasant: Withdraw the money won in a convenient way for him!

It is worth noting that he traded on the web version of the Binany website, but traders can also use a mobile phone to trade. Everyone chooses his own path to victory.

Founded in 2017, Binany is an online trading platform that has a presence in over 14 countries, including Uzbekistan. Binany provides traders with access to major assets such as commodities, stocks and foreign currencies on the international market. This is the largest platform in the world with a daily turnover of currency derivatives from 1 trillion dollars.

As an intuitive and easy to use trading platform, Binany has already amassed over 1 million traders, both new and experienced, who want freedom and more opportunities to trade without brokers or exchanges.

Why Binani is the perfect solution?

In this platform, you can create your account completely free of charge. Also, in addition to free courses and education on investing, Binany offers its users a very useful tool called a demo account. It provides an opportunity to learn how to trade before spending your own funds. After that, you can fund your account with real money and start trading. Many more users prefer Binany because of the speed of withdrawing money and convenient payment solutions for withdrawal – Uzcard and Humo.

Binany is regulated by the International Financial Commission and is a Category “A” member. For 5 years of its existence, this service has won 3 international awards. Thus, Binani attracts investors who trade both large amounts and $10.

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