BIGPICTURE and LCS GROUP Announce Signing of MOU


Bigpicture Interactive, a Korean company specializing in esports has announced MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Philippines’ LCS Group in order to establish game/entertainment hub for Southeast Asia region.

According to the release, the parties will foster esports & game industry and host various esports events to successfully launch their esports service in Philippines and Southeast Asia.

As a result of the MOU, a joint venture will be established to develop independent IP and launch a consumer brand.

The companies will cooperate to open local branches for esports education service in Philippines and host game conventions & music festivals.

“We are delighted to build on our partnership with LCS Group as we continue to execute our global strategy. With this initiative, we will work together with various gaming companies hoping to expand overseas, to create synergy with our global esports festival, WCG”

Bigpicture CEO Kwangjun Song

Bigpicture will be signing additional contracts in coming July after performing research on the local market, and further information will be available at its website.


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