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Esports Players League (ESPL), a global amateur esports tournament platform provider, announced that it would launch ESPL Arena, the first true Host-to-Earn esports platform geared for Web3, named the ESPL Arena.  The Web3 esports platform will introduce its much anticipated User-Generated Tournament (UGT) solution to a global audience and offers tournament contestants the ability to win tournament prizes in the form of digital assets.

With over 280,000 active gamers globally and a presence across 17 countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America, ESPL is a well-established Web2 and Web3 amateur esports platform, hosting over 2,000 tournaments since 2019 and reaching over 33 million global users.

ESPL is supported by a strong list of global investors, including Warner Music,  500 Startups, Genting Ventures, iCandy Interactive, RightBridge Ventures AB, CRAES, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) and Arcanum Capital.

The company will look to onboard professional and amateur players onto its Web3 esports ecosystem through blockchain technology.

Froyo Games, a popular Web3 casual game platform, will support ESPL’s Web3 efforts by providing investments and strategy support for ESPL’s Arena launch.

Arena’s User-Generated Tournament (UGT)

The UGT platform is the technology solution powering ESPL’s Arena organisation of tournaments, employing an easy-to-use interface for players to enter, participate and submit scores for online esports events.

UGT is capable of disbursing tournament prizes in a flexible, transparent and secure manner, releasing NFTs and tokens to the winning players’ wallets automatically while intelligently flagging questionable or conflicting submissions. This way, a marshall can mediate between hosts and participants before any prizes can be issued.

Utility Token Launched on Pancake Swap

ESPL’s utility token $ARENA is launched in collaboration with Pancake Swap, one of the largest decentralized blockchain exchanges in the world. The newly launched token will be used within the ESPL Arena platform, providing tournament organizers with a transparent and efficient way to bring gamers together for friendly competition. Organizers will be able to charge a fee for tournaments hosted with automatic prize allocation to participants upon the conclusion of competitive events- giving rise to a true Host-to-Earn system.

The digital asset approach would enable organizers to efficiently organise large and small open tournaments for online multiplayer games with a scoreboard.


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