Best Sci-Fi Series Like Alice In Borderland


Netflix has a smorgasbord of original series for viewers to choose from when it comes to entertainment. Subscribers can explore the extensive catalog of movies and television shows to binge for weeks on end. Netflix has live-action, stop-motion, and even traditional animation series that explore every genre, including sci-fi, drama, and horror. In addition, Netflix is home to an incredible library of foreign series, some of the most successful being The Unbroken Voice, Money Heist, and Alice In Borderland.

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Alice is Borderland is a thriller television series based on a manga of the same name by author Haro Aso. The story differs from the manga but follows two individuals, played by Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya, who find themselves trapped in an abandoned Tokyo and forced to play challenging games or lose their lives. The series had a highly popular first season and has recently released its second, furthering the twisted survival game the contestants are forced to play. Viewers waiting for season three or looking for other series similar to Alice in Borderland will be pleased to know that they have a plethora of options available, many just a click away. Here are some of the best sci-fi series for those who liked Alice in Borderland.


6/6 Snowpiercer


The has been forever changed and is shrouded in a never-ending snowstorm making life impossible. What’s left of the human race now resides on a modified train built to endure the harsh climate of ice and snow. Unfortunately, the brutal truths of the train are as petty as the real world, as classism rules over all with scarce resources and egomaniac socialites.

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The poverty class of passengers is forced into the worst conditions, feeding off of each other just to stay alive. Being pushed to their limit, the have-nots decide to overthrow their betters and take over the train to redistribute the wealth. Snowpiercer is the spinoff of the original film starring Chris Evans.

5/6 Gantz


Gantz is a Japanese anime created by Hiroya Oku which explores a small group of deceased individuals who must complete tasks to make it back to the land of the living. Kei Kurona wakes up in a small room after saving a man from being hit by a train.

He and several other individuals are trapped in a small room and confused about how they got there but are soon told that they have died. Before the makeshift party can get their bearings, they are transported into Tokyo which has been infested by monsters and demons and must kill their target or be killed in the process.

4/6 12 Monkeys


12 Monkeys is set in the year 2053, the world has been ravaged by a virus that has decimated the human population and is responsible for killing over four billion people. A group of scientists creates a secret project that allows for time travel.

James Cole is recruited for the Splinter Project to go back in time and prevent the release of the virus into the world and save countless lives in the process. Unfortunately, James must take on the ruthless terrorist organization, The Army of the Twelve Monkeys, who are responsible for releasing the virus but have much larger plans in store for the planet.

3/6 All Of Us Are Dead


All of Us Are Dead is based on the webtoon by author Joo Dong-geun. Netflix adapted the series into a television series that is currently in its first season. A group of teenagers in a Korean high school become trapped when a zombie outbreak envelopes the city.

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With no way out, the group of kids must make it through a horde of vicious zombie hordes, suffer betrayal, and learn to control their fear in order to survive. All of Us Are Dead takes the zombie genre and flips the trope on its head with a story viewers won’t see coming.

2/6 The 3%

3 percent

Set in a near future Brazil, society is ruled by a select elite that spends their days in a utopia-like city where they look down on and use the less well-off for their entertainment. A small group of young adults becomes chosen to rise through the ranks and join the world’s elite by competing in a series of challenges that will test their wit, courage, and dedication to elevate their own status.

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In sick and treacherous games, the elite watch and wager on the success of the young challengers who may not survive to join their ranks. The 3% consists of four seasons that have finished airing.

1/6 Squid Game

Squid Game Lee Jung-jae Emmy Best Actor

What starts as an easy way to score some much-needed cash turns into a horrid venture for Seong Gi-Hung. A down on his luck good for nothing, Seong Gi-Hung is lured into a game of chance by a wealthy businessman who offers him a chance to make a sizable profit by showing up to a particular place at a certain time.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, it is explained that all contestants must put their lives on the line in a squid game for a life-changing amount of money. While the majority disagree and walk away from the risk at first, nearly all show back up and take part in the bloody and cruel series of games that will only leave one contestant alive.

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