Best Co-Op Simulation Games, Ranked


Playing games can be fun alone, but it is always more exciting when you can have a friend or two join the fun. While typical cooperative experiences tend to be more action or party focused, sometimes it is nice to work together in dealing with a simulation.

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Simulation games tend to emulate real-life scenarios, which may not seem like a ton of fun on the service. However, there are some great experiences that have enough depth and joy to them that can keep the player coming back for more. It is even more likely to bring joy if it is a co-op simulation game.


10/10 Escape Simulator

In recent years, a group activity that has become a great reason to get out of the house for a bit are escape rooms. These places put people into a small space that is filled with puzzles that they must solve in a limited amount of time. But if people don’t want to go to an escape room in person, Escape Simulator is a nice alternative.

A game that can have up to 10 players online, players are given the ability to solve 23 rooms that were made for the game. However, the best part about Escape Simulator is that there are plenty of rooms made by the community that will make Escape Simulator a nonstop gem to keep returning to.

9/10 Wobbly Life

What if life was just a little more silly? That is the concept of Wobbly Life, a game that can be played with up to 4 players either through online or locally. The open world sandbox allows players to take control of tiny characters that move around and interact with the world with ridiculous physics.

The simulation elements come with taking on jobs to earn cash, then using that cash to purchase small things like clothing or major things like a home. Since Wobbly Life is an open world, there is so much to explore, including finding treasure and taking on missions.

8/10 Embr

When looking to be a hero, it is nice to have a team of friends ready to save lives by your side. That is a very loose premise of Embr, a game about being a firefighter looking to put out flames that have gone out of control and protect the people and things that are in danger.

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There are 25 levels in Embr, all of whom present a unique challenge that can be tackled in multiple ways. The main goal of the game besides firefighting is making money, which means that players may also steal valuables from the places that they are trying to protect if they can get away with it.

7/10 SnowRunner

Driving around in a truck can be a lonely job, but SnowRunner allows up to four players to drive and work together to complete difficult challenges. Players will need to learn the basics when it comes to managing vehicles and delivering under brutal conditions.

SnowRunner, as the name suggest, will put players in the position to drive through snow, mud, and other paths that no normal car would be able to overcome. There are up to 40 vehicles for players to unlock over the course of the game, all of which can be upgraded to make the experience easier and more personalized.

6/10 Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

It is rare to find a co-op simulation where only one player is in control of the actual game, but Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes puts a spin on working together that requires an equal amount of patience and work from everyone involved.

The goal of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is for one person to defuse a bomb while one or more individuals read the manual and tell the player what to do. The bomb defuser can’t look at the manual and the people reading instructions can’t look at the screen. It is a game that is meant to emulate the chaos of a bomb defusing situation.

5/10 PowerWash Simulator

Tasks in simulation games can be absolutely brutal to take on alone, which is especially true in PowerWash Simulator. This game puts a power washer in the hands of the player with the sole job of getting everything clean in the area, which can be as small as a bicycle and as large as a Ferris Wheel.

Luckily, up to six friends can join a player to take on some of the largest tasks in the game that would otherwise take hours to complete. PowerWash Simulator seeks to give all players involved a relaxing experience of hanging out while everyone works to get everything to a nice and shiny state.

4/10 Overcooked: All You Can Eat

Working in the restaurant service industry can be hectic, but Overcooked: All You Can Eat somehow makes it feel even more chaotic than it already is. Players work together as chefs preparing meals as quickly as they can and delivering them before time runs out.

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However, the twist with Overcooked is that it isn’t always that simple. Players are put in situations such as cooking on moving cars or running around on ice to add some extra flavor to the general task at hand. All You Can Eat combines the first two games into one and adds new content so cooks can spend hours in the game.

3/10 Viscera Cleanup Detail

When going around taking down monsters in a game and then moving on, it is understandable to wonder what happens with all the corpses left behind and who has to deal with them. Well, Viscera Cleanup Detail is all about a janitor who is on the job to clean up the hero’s mess.

From an office building to a spaceship, up to a whopping 32 players can take on the massive mop-up task of cleaning up blood, bodies, and other unpleasant scraps that are splattered around an area. While cleaning is part of the fun, tools in each area also allow players to make a little mess themselves if they would like.

2/10 Satisfactory

To survive in an unknown world, it is important to collect resources that will help take care of necessities. But doing this without assistance can be hard work, which is why Satisfactory is all about building large networks of machinery that will help automate the collection.

Better yet, players can build these factories with the help of some friends. Along with building, a main element of Satisfactory is exploring the world and seeing what mysteries are out there. The game gives players many means of transportation, ranging from trucks to jetpacks.

1/10 Stardew Valley

One indie simulation game that took the world by storm when it came out is Stardew Valley, with gameplay centered around building up a farm and interacting with civilians in Pelican Town and beyond. However, after many updates, a cooperative mode was added to the game.

Playing with friends is not too different from playing alone, except for there being more than one home present on the grounds. Players do not need to stay on the same screen together, as one person can go to the mines for the day while others go fishing, for instance. Players can also marry each other, which plays similarly to the Stardew Valley single player experience.

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