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When it comes to anime goodness, streaming services such as Funimation and Crunchyroll tend to dominate the discussion. After all, they provide the most content for their price tag. In recent years, other streaming platforms have jumped onto the anime bandwagon, expanding their library to include both classic and new shows.

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Amazon Prime Video might not get as much attention as HBO Max, Netflix, or Hulu, but it has an impressive collection of anime, some of which can only be found on the platform. So, the next time someone subscribes to Amazon’s premium service and they find themselves yearning to watch some Japanese animation, they should make sure to check out the best anime on Prime Video.


Each anime’s Japanese title includes a link to its Amazon Prime Video page.

Vinland Saga

Japanese Title Vinland Saga
Genre Historical
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 24

Vinland Saga tackles a historical setting that is seldom referenced by anime: Vikings. A prequel to the manga’s main story, Vinland Saga takes place during the 11th century when England was under the control of the Danes.

Vinland Saga‘s main driving force is Thorfinn’s desire to get revenge against Askeladd, a quest that sees the former join the latter’s band. Blending political intrigue with ambiguous characterization, Vinland Saga is a gripping and unpredictable show that starts strong and only gets better as it goes along.

Rebuild Of Evangelion

Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Eva

Hideaki Anno’s retelling of Neon Genesis Evangelion, all four movies in the Rebuild of Evangelion series are available on Amazon Prime Video. Initially sticking quite close to the ’90s anime, these movies divert course towards the end of the second entry, with the final two sequels tackling largely new ground.

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Rebuild of Evangelion boasts stellar animation and intriguing themes, the latter of which are presented in a more digestible way than the original show. While not flawless, these movies are a fascinating alternate take on a classic anime.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Dio Brando From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Stardust Crusaders

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a shonen manga classic that has been around since the late-’80s. Save for an OVA, the series took a while to make the jump to anime, but the wait was worth it. David Production’s adaptation captures the over-the-top magic of Hirohiko Araki’s source material, delivering larger-than-life characters with big muscles and cool powers.

The story is divided into parts that revolve around different protagonists, all of which belong to the Joestar family. Each one establishes a unique setting, tone, and pacing, while still building upon what came before it. Amazon Prime Video has Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, Diamond Is Unbreakable, and Golden Wind. Even though some parts are better than others, there is no such thing as a bad JoJo saga.

Banana Fish

Banana Fish anime

Japanese Title Banana Fish
Genre Action, Drama
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 24

It took a long while for Akimi Yoshida’s shoujo manga, Banana Fish, to receive an anime adaptation. Eventually, MAPPA took on the responsibility of bringing to life this challenging story about abuse, isolation, pain, and friendship. Only available on Amazon Prime Video, Banana Fish is one of the main reasons an anime fan should consider subscribing to the service, at least until they get through the show’s 24 episodes.

Banana Fish revolves around Ash, a teenager who has been chosen to succeed the don of a mafia. Although ruthless and violent, Ash hates this world and has been subjected to unspeakable horrors for most of his life. When he meets Eiji, a Japanese photographer, a light finally enters Ash’s life.

Hitorijime My Hero

Hitorijime: My Hero Masahiro Setagawa Kousuke Ooshiba Kensuke Ooshiba Asaya Hasekura

The Boys Love subgenre is the definition of niche, and for someone looking to dip their toes into this world, Hitorijime My Hero is the best anime on Amazon Prime Video for the job. The show centers around the relationship between Masahiro Setagawa, an isolated teenager who has been through a lot, and his teacher, Kousuke Ooshiba. This dynamic is hardly novel for yaoi shows, however, Hitorijime My Hero raises above many of its peers due to the way it presents its leads.

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Both Masahiro and Kousuke are characterized as individuals before they are brought together as a couple; consequently, their situations and personalities define their relationship rather than the other way around. The anime is also pretty tame by the subgenre’s standards, making it more accessible for the uninitiated.

Captain Tsubasa (2018)

Captain Tsubasa 2018 anime

Japanese Title Captain Tsubasa
Genre Sports
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 52

Debuting in 1981 and still releasing sequels, Yōichi Takahashi’s Captain Tsubasa is a staple of the sports manga scene. The franchise has spawned its share of anime as well, with the 1983 and 1994 series being particularly highly rated. After more than 15 years away, Captain Tsubasa made its return to anime with a new adaptation that started things from scratch.

Overall, the 2018 take on the story does not quite reach the heights of the older versions, mainly due to some pacing issues. However, this modern release is nevertheless an enjoyable watch and, more importantly, makes Takahashi’s timeless tale accessible to a modern audience.

Princess Principal

Princess Principal anime

Princess Principal takes place in a steampunk world inspired by Victorian-era England, and this setting already distinguishes the anime from most other stories on Amazon Prime Video. The praise does not stop there either, as the series establishes a fascinating political climate driven by a civil war that divided the country into two states. World-building is one of the show’s strong points.

Princess Principal follows a group of girls who spend their nights executing espionage missions, and the anime dedicates considerable time to each character. If there is one criticism that could be made of Princess Principal, it is that the series does feel like a precursor to the movies, the first two of which came out in 2021. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Video does not have these films.

Sonic X

sonic x sonic

Japanese Title Sonic X
Genre Action
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 78

Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog has an anime; more importantly, Sonic the Hedgehog has a surprisingly good anime. Sonic X is generally remembered for pushing Sega’s franchise in a darker direction than usual. Now, the anime does not shake things up as significantly as something like, for example, Scooby Apocalypse, but the show certainly tries to strike a reasonably mature tone presumably to attract teenagers along with children. Admittedly, this attempt is more pronounced in the Japanese version, but the English dub also has its charm. The latter is the version of Amazon Prime Video.

Sonic X might not hit the spot for viewers who are not already fans of the Blue Blur, although they could appreciate the anime’s Saturday morning cartoon feel. For those who already love Sonic, this series is a must-watch.


psycho pass 3 arata shindou

Japanese Title Psycho-Pass 3
Genre Sci-Fi
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 11

As only seasons 3 and 4 of Psycho-Pass are available on Prime Video, this recommendation comes with the caveat that newcomers to the anime should seek out the previous releases prior to starting this one. After the lackluster season 2, Psycho-Pass 3 marked a return to form for the franchise, delivering a solid central mystery alongside a couple of likable new characters.

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This season is quite socially conscious as well, more so than the previous iterations as it emphasizes current themes like immigration.

Ghost Stories

ghost stories anime children screaming

Japanese Title Gakkou no Kaidan
Genre Horror, Comedy
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 20

Ghost Stories is a unique case. The Japanese version is a straightforward horror series that is passable but largely forgettable. Rather than a standard translation, the English dub turns the series into a comedy, adding plenty of adult jokes while morphing the original’s stereotypical children characters into irreverent idiots.

Prime Video has the English version, which is Ghost Stories at its best and most memorable. In some ways, this show was a precursor to fan-made abridged series that became popular later in the 2000s.

Grand Blue Dreaming

Grand Blue anime party swimming team Iori Kitahara

Japanese Title Grand Blue
Genre Comedy
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 12

Kenji Inoue’s Grand Blue is one of the funniest manga of all time. Zero-G’s anime adaptation does not fully capture the brilliance of the source material, but it is still hilarious in its own right. Set in college, which is already a welcome change of pace for anime, Grand Blue Dreaming follows Iori’s misadventures as part of the university’s diving club.

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Grand Blue is gloriously dumb, unapologetically over-the-top, and capable of the occasional touching moment. After watching the anime, make sure to read the manga.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku anime

Love is not always simple. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku revolves around a handful of couples that are in different stages of their relationships, with the central duo being Narumi and Hirotaka. Despite sharing an interest in otaku culture, Narumi and Hirotaka struggle to communicate, leading to frustration for the former and hilarity for the audience.

Although certainly not devoid of romantic moments, Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku is first and foremost a comedy, and it is a consistently hilarious one at that. Narumi’s reactions are priceless, and the main characters are all likable.



Japanese Title Naruto
Genre Battle Shonen
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 220

By this point, Naruto transcends anime or manga. Alongside One Piece, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z, Musashi Kishimoto’s story about a plucky ninja set the standard for mainstream battle shonen series. Naruto not only introduced plenty of people to the genre but also served as a gateway to the glorious world of anime as a whole. Split into two series, the original show tends to be overshadowed by its successor, Naruto: Shippuden; if nothing else, the latter produced more than twice as many episodes as its predecessor.

Yet, Naruto contains more than a few of the story’s high points. The Chunin Exam holds up as one of the strongest arcs in all of shonen, while the Sasuke Recovery storyline expertly foreshadows the darker tone the series would adopt in Shippuden. Amazon Prime Video might not have the sequel series, but Naruto should still be able to keep subscribers engaged for a few months.

Lupin The 3rd Part 4

Promo art featuring characters from Lupin The 3rd Part 4: The Italian Adventure

Japanese Title Lupin III (2015)
Genre Action, Comedy
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 25

Monkey Punch’s Lupin the Third manga debuted in 1967, with the first anime adaptation airing in 1971. Since then, the franchise has consistently produced new stories that, for the most part, retain the classic charm that helped make the manga a hit in the first place. Lupin the Third is an institution, and the show’s longevity can be credited to its iconic characters.

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Lupin the Third Part 4 is just a drop in the bucket that is the entire franchise, and the season changes the eponymous thief’s status quo by tying Lupin to a bride. This might make Part 4 seem like a terrible entry point for newcomers, but that is not really the case. Ultimately, this is still the same old Lupin the Third that revolves around over-the-top heists, well-established personalities, and slapstick humor.

Himouto! Umaru-chan R

Himouto Umaru-chan R

At school, Umaru Doma is the perfect idol. The girl is loved by all and seen as mature, intelligent, and respectable. At home, Umaru transforms into an otaku who loves nothing more than to waste away every second of every day. To visually illustrate this personality change, otaku Umaru assumes a chibi form.

Amazon Prime Video only has Himouto! Umaru-chan R, the anime’s second season. Typically, this would be an issue since all the show’s main players are established in the first season; however, Himouto! Umaru-chan‘s characters are easy enough to grasp by just watching season 2. More importantly, the sequel is generally stronger than its predecessor since it focuses more on character development than just isolated high-jinks.

Made In Abyss

anime made in abyss riko robot

Made in Abyss has cute characters, an imaginative world with endless possibilities, and gorgeous animation. The anime follows two children (sort of) as they descend the “Abyss,” a fantastical realm filled with wonders, dangers, and colorful personalities. Adventure awaits Riko, Reg, and the audience!

Also, Made in Abyss is devastating, uncomfortable, horrifying, and nightmarish. This is an “adventure” anime that has more in common with Berserk than One Piece.

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter

Japanese Title Hunter x Hunter
Genre Battle Shonen
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 148

A recent Amazon Prime anime addition, Hunter x Hunter is regarded as one of the best battle shonen series to ever grace the industry. Based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga, the anime follows Gon, an optimistic child who decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a hunter. This journey starts off with an exam and includes a trip into a game’s world and a widespread conflict with sentient ants.

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Hunter x Hunter has a fantastic power system and a well-rounded roster of characters, most of which lead their own lives removed from the protagonist’s existence. Boasting great animation by Madhouse and a story that is willing to go to places that most shonen series are reluctant to thread, this anime is an all-time great.

Shin-chan Spin-off

Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off

Shin Chan is an institution. While known in Western countries, the property is far bigger in Japan, and the 1992 anime is still producing episodes to this day. This irreverent child has starred in manga, movies, games, and commercials; he is inescapable. Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off is a spin-off that takes the franchise’s iconic characters and places them in unique settings that cannot be realistically tacked within the main timeline.

Split into four 13-episode seasons, each one tells a standalone story primarily inspired by genre pieces. For instance, the first season revolves around aliens, while the third entry is a samurai-themed parody of Lone Wolf and Cub. Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off‘s humor is hit-and-miss, but the anime is a quick and largely entertaining sit. However, this show is for people who are already fans of Shin Chan.

Dropkick On My Devil!

dropkick on my devil season 1

When a goth girl summons a demon, they instantly hit it off and start a beautiful friendship filled with sweet moments. OK, Dropkick on My Devil! is not quite that wholesome, as Yurine, the goth girl, and Jashin-chan, the demon, spend the majority of their time trying to kill each other. The anime’s first season, which is the only one available on Prime Video, plays out like a more sadistic version of Tom & Jerry, and Jashin-chan is firmly cast in the role of the cat.

While not one of the best anime on Amazon Prime Video, Dropkick on My Devil! is quite funny, permitting the viewer likes slapstick and gore. The series really does not hold back in its depictions of violence either.


Toradora! Taiga Aisaka after throwing a punch

Japanese Title Toradora!
Genre Romantic Comedy
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 25

Toradora! is all about young love and that sometimes, the heart doesn’t know what it wants. Ryuji has a crush on Minori, whose best friend – Taiga – happens to have a thing for Ryuji’s closest companion, Yusaku. Therefore, Ryuji and Taiga decide to team up to aid each other in their quest for romance.

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They also happen to be polar opposites as Ryuji looks like a delinquent but is actually quite gentle while Taiga’s unassuming physique hides a tiger who is always ready to deliver a dropkick. Naturally, they complement each other quite nicely.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

KenIchi The Mightiest Disciple anime

Kenichi is weak, a fact that defines his existence. One day, he meets a girl who can more than hold her own in a fight, which inspires Kenichi to join her dojo and become the strongest fighter in the world. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is a comedy-heavy battle shonen series that features a strong and lovable cast of characters.

Although a bit of an idiot at times, Kenichi works well as the anime’s lead since the show goes out of its way to properly chronicle his development as a fighter. Miu and Shigure Kousaka are also pretty iconic female characters.

Boarding School Juliet

Boarding School Juliet

The Romeo and Juliet story has been done to death, but Boarding School Juliet presents a fun twist on the formula. Dahlia Academy is divided into the Black Dogs and White Cats, two groups who are constantly at each other’s throats as they both seek to be the dominant party at the school. Romio and Juliet lead the Black Dogs and White Cats respectively, meaning they are positioned as mortal enemies. While they pretend to hate each other in public, Romio and Juliet are secretly in love.

Boarding School Juliet is rife with cliches, but the anime uses them well rather than as a crutch for poor writing. The protagonists have a sweet dynamic, and their personalities buck stereotypes. The show handles its action sequences well enough to ensure they are constantly entertaining, and the same can be said for its comedy.


Dororo 2019 anime

Japanese Title Dororo
Genre Historical Action
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 24

A modern adaptation of a popular classic manga, Dororo has a gloriously dark central premise. Due to his awful father, Hyakkimaru is born lacking many body parts. Somehow, Hyakkimaru manages to survive, so he sets out to regain his missing pieces by defeating the demons who hold them.

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Dororo boasts stellar action, two strong lead characters, and a story that builds momentum quite nicely as it goes along. This anime is only available on Amazon Prime Video, and it is good enough to justify a subscription all on its own.

Elfen Lied

Kaede Lucy From Elfen Lied

Japanese Title Elfen Lied
Genre Thriller
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 13

One of the more controversial anime on Amazon Prime Video, Elfen Lied is simultaneously a niche and famous property. Set in an alternate version of reality where some people are born with unique and potentially destructive powers, this 2004 series presents harrowing accounts of human experimentation and trauma, including a scene featuring a dog that tends to burrow deep into people’s memories forever.

Elfen Lied is gory, intense, uncomfortable, and ambitious. For all of its gratuitous content, this anime is still well-written, and the story builds up to an unforgettable final act.

Blade Of The Immortal

blade of the immortal 2019 anime

Hiroaki Samura’s Blade of the Immortal manga has received its share of adaptations, including two anime versions. The better of the two is the 2019 ONA series that is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video. A historical epic, the story follows Manji, a violent swordsman who is cursed with immortality as punishment for all the samurai he has killed throughout his life. To change this, Manji must eliminate a thousand evil men. Along his journey, Manji meets and is hired by Rin Asano, a girl seeking revenge on her parents’ killer.

Decently animated and packed with uneven, but frequently entertaining fight sequences, Blade of the Immortal is a serviceable adaptation of the beloved manga, even if it does not come close to replicating the magic of the source material.

Le Cirque De Karakuri

karakuri circus anime puppet

Japanese Title Karakuri Circus
Genre Shonen
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 36

Based on a manga that started in the ’90s and ended in 2006, Le Cirque De Karakuri very much feels like it was ripped from yesteryear, despite the anime airing from 2018 to 2019. This battle shonen series imagines a world where mannequins are used as weapons and a strange illness is running rampant.

Le Cirque De Karakuri suffers from some pacing issues, particularly during its second half as it rushes through the plot to try and cover as much of the manga as possible. While this certainly hurts the show’s quality, the anime is still a fun ride that comes packed with memorable action sequences, a trio of likable protagonists, and some really creepy puppets.

Happy Sugar Life

happy sugar life sato shio fire building

Happy Sugar Life is the definition of a fascinating but flawed anime. The show tackles dark and mature themes through the lens of mostly terrible people, including the protagonist, Satou, who falls in love with a young girl, Shio, and kidnaps her. Their relationship serves as the anime’s heart, and it is surprisingly effective despite their messed-up circumstances.

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Happy Sugar Life can be infuriating at times since so many of the characters are just the worst, however, there is also no other anime quite like it. Not everyone will enjoy this show, but it is still worth trying.

Honey And Clover

honey and clover takemoto, ayumi, hagumi

Japanese Title Hachimitsu to Clover
Genre Comedy, Slice of Life
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 36

Honey and Clover is a coming-of-age anime, one that splits its time between Yuuta Takemoto struggling through college and Ayumi Yamada’s pursuit of love. Blending comedy, drama, and character growth, Honey and Clover is a bit uneven in places, particularly during the first season that focuses heavily on the relationship between Yuuta and Hagumi, an 18-year-old woman who looks and acts like a child. This story is given less attention in the second season, which arguably works to the benefit of the anime.

Polarizing moments aside, Honey and Clover is a powerful series at times, one that builds quite nicely as it goes along. It is also pretty funny.

Scum’s Wish

Scum's Wish anime hanabi yasuraoka, mugi awaya

Japanese Title Kuzu no Honkai
Genre Drama
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 12

Rom-coms are an acquired taste. Most of the genre’s shows tend to romanticize young love, offering a sickly sweet representation that, in the case of a good deal of anime, rarely goes beyond holding hands. Scum’s Wish is not one of these shows.

Lerche’s series explores the ugly sides of romance: heartbreak, obsession, and vindictiveness. It is a series about hurt people doing awful things; consequently, the anime can be a difficult sit since so many of its characters are unlikable. Scum’s Wish backs up its cynicism with a willingness to show mature content beyond what is typically found in romance-themed anime.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth anime

A classic isekai anime, Magic Knight Rayearth centers around three teenagers who are teleported to a fantasy world called Cephiro that is in desperate need of saving. Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji’s adventures start lighthearted enough, but Magic Knight Rayearth gradually embraces a darker tone, especially during its second season.

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Magic Knight Rayearth is a must-watch for fans of magical girl anime, particularly those who prefer their shows to come with a healthy helping of action and world-building. This series came out in the mid-’90s and very much looks the part, which is not a negative.

Tomorrow’s Joe 2

Tomorrow's Joe anime

Japanese Title Ashita no Joe 2
Genre Sports
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 24

Tomorrow’s Joe is a classic that should be watched by anyone remotely interested in sports anime (or sports stories in general). While the animation is naturally dated, particularly in season 1, the storytelling holds up remarkably well, especially in season 2.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Video only has the first half of Tomorrow’s Joe 2, making it a less than exhaustive source to experience this iconic franchise. However, Prime Video is also the only streaming platform that has any part of this boxing anime in its library, and the episodes themselves are fantastic. Incomplete as this collection is, Tomorrow’s Joe‘s quality nevertheless justifies a recommendation.

Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School anime gorilla

A surreal show that parodies delinquent and high school-themed anime, Cromartie High School starts out weird and gets more outlandish with each passing episode. It is a joy to watch. Takashi Kamiyama, a largely ordinary student, finds himself attending a school known for its delinquents. From there, Takashi goes on quite a journey.

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Cromartie High School is split into sketches, most of which do not attempt to maintain any continuity with each other. The main constant is that they are all hilarious.


Re Creators anime

Japanese Title Re:Creators
Genre Reverse Isekai
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 22

Re:Creators is a reverse isekai anime about characters from various fictional stories who are teleported to Earth, a process that unbalances the real world. As suggested by its name, this show dives deep into the process of creation, exploring how these fictional beings echo their inventors and how they can take on a life of their own. As the characters hail from wildly different styles of fantasy, they react differently to the reality they are forced to exist within.

Re:Creators has well-animated action, a fantastic antagonist that nearly steals the entire show, and a couple of noteworthy arcs that pay off nicely. Also, the anime’s soundtrack is incredible.

Princess Tutu Season 1

princess tutu anime

Japanese Title Princess Tutu
Genre Magical Girl
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 26

A classic magical girl anime, Princess Tutu is a triumph of art, storytelling, and music. The anime blends cute character designs with flashes of unsettling or plain old nightmarish backdrops, creating an otherworldly feel that gives the anime a dream-like atmosphere.

Princess Tutu is about a duck who turns into a girl because she is tasked with making whole the fragmented heart of a boy. Bizarre as that premise sounds, the anime sells it with every frame, telling a story that could spark laughter, tears, and satisfaction. Princess Tutu is one of the best anime on Amazon Prime Video, so even if it doesn’t seem to be to your tastes, it is worth a try.

Please note that only season 1 of Princess Tutu is on Prime Video, covering 26 of the show’s 38 episodes.

Land Of The Lustrous

Land Of The Lustrous anime

Japanese Title Houseki no Kuni
Genre Fantasy
Number of Episodes on Prime Video 12

Another anime that is only available on Amazon Prime Video, Land of the Lustrous is a stunning work of art. Featuring arguably the best usage of CGI animation in anime, Land of the Lustrous creates an otherworldly aesthetic that is simultaneously beautiful and disconcerting.

In this world, Lustrous are humanoid gemstones who must push back the threat of Lunarians, beings seeking to turn them into jewelry. The anime has thrilling action and well-written characters, along with plenty of emotionally exhausting moments.

Girls’ Last Tour

Yuuri and Chito resting on a tank in Girls' Last Tour

There are hundreds of great slice of life anime out there, but not many are set within a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In Girls’ Last Tour, Yuuri and Chito traverse a fallen world searching for things to satisfy their basic everyday needs. This is pretty much the entire anime, resulting in an oddly relaxing experience despite the haunting visuals often on display.

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For Yuuri and Chito, this wasteland has become the norm, and the girls approach their grim reality with enthusiasm and positivity.

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka Great Teacher Onizuka GTO

A classic, GTO tells the timeless tale of an ex-gang member who becomes a teacher for not entirely wholesome reasons. Eikichi Onizuka is one of anime’s most iconic lovable doofuses, although his intentions tend to be in the right place when it comes to his troubled students.

GTO is more than just a comedy about a teacher who can pull off funny reactions better than nearly any other anime character. The show tackles mature themes like bullying with a remarkable amount of finesse.

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