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Angels are some of the most popular and beloved beings in the anime world. Anime fans could meet these powerful creatures while watching some of the best supernatural anime shows. While angels are supposed to be kind and sweet not all anime angels fit this description.

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Angels have some of the most unique powers in anime and they don’t always use them for good. Thanks to these angels and anime angeloids fans could get lost in some of the most interesting and twisty anime stories while meeting scary, heroic, mischievous, and hilarious anime angels who turned these shows into some of the most iconic ones of all time.


8/8 Irina Shidou – High School DxD

High School DxD is one of the best harem anime and Irina Shidou is the most beloved angel in the series. She was a young human girl but became a reincarnated angel thanks to Michael the archangel. Irina is a powerful angel who is also the fourth bride of the show’s protagonist, Issei.

She’s one of the most popular and cheerful anime angels who strictly follows God’s teachings but can also kick ass when the situation requires her. Irina is also one of the strongest anime angels who not only have superhuman speed and angelic light powers but is a skilled sword fighter and magician.

7/8 Ikaros – Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven’s Lost Property is one of the most hilarious rom-com parody anime series with some of the most iconic anime angels of all time. Of all the beautiful and powerful Angeloids in the show, Ikaros is the one who stole most anime fans’ hearts.

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Even though Ikaros is not a biblical type of angel she is one of the most popular anime angels with similar powers and looks to traditional angels. While she might have a sweet and cute look she’s actually one of the most powerful Alpha Angeloids in the series with deadly battle forms who can also grant any kind of wish thanks to her magical transport cards.

6/8 Dokuro Mitsukai – Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Dokuro Mitsukai is Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan‘s iconic anime angel who is also one of the most violent Tsundere anime characters of all time. She’s a powerful angel assassin who wields a magical and terrifying spiked club called the Excalibolg.

Dokuro was also one of the most mischievous angels who tried to stop Sakura from achieving immortality. She uses her powers and Excalibolg when irritated or doesn’t like something and because of her superhuman strength she often takes things a bit too far. However, she’s also capable of bringing humans back to life or turning them into animals, or simply erasing anyone altogether.

5/8 Apos – Daughters of Mnemosyne

Apos is Daughters of Mnemosyne‘s dark and devious angel who is also the most iconic intersex anime angel of all time. This charismatic immortal angel is one of the most powerful beings in the series who can not only easily kill both humans and other angels but finds great pleasure in doing so.

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This tech noir horror anime is one of the darkest anime that parodies the damsel in distress trope with an intense and unique story. Apos is one of its most terrifying but intriguing characters who has a deeply sadistic nature but is highly intelligent and loves to torture others in all kinds of creative ways.

4/8 Whis – Dragon Ball

Whis is the powerful guide angel attendant of the Dragon Ball universe who is Universe 7’s strongest and most polite being. He’s also Beerus’ always calm martial arts teacher who doesn’t really care much about humans. However, he does love Earth food and showed more interest in dishes than human life.

Some of the longest fights in the series were thanks to immensely powerful warriors just like Whis. He was able to fly, was immortal, and could understand any language instantly. He was also a skilled martial artist with many powerful attacks who could even read other warriors’ hearts.

3/8 Panty & Stocking – Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking are the two potty-mouthed angels of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. The two angels were thrown out of Heaven for being bad, but they were having their best time on Earth. These fun ghost-hunter angels are both powerful and unique characters who quickly became two of the most iconic anime angels ever created.

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While Panty doesn’t take her ghost-hunting work too seriously and instead focuses on having lots of sex she’s still very powerful and can transform her own or other people’s panties into guns to fight evil ghosts. Stocking is the more coolheaded character who loves sweets and is able to transform stockings into deadly katanas.

2/8 Eternal Sailor Moon – Sailor Moon

Eternal Sailor Moon is one of Usagi’s most powerful forms in the Sailor Moon universe. After combining the powers with the other Sailor Guardians Usagi transformed into a magical warrior angel with white wings and a white staff with a crystal.

As Eternal Sailor Moon, Usagi has intense damaging powers as well as healing abilities. She’s also able to teleport and even has reality-warping abilities. Thanks to the Silver Moon Crystal Power she would easily defeat all supernatural foes. While Eternal Sailor Moon is not a biblical type of angel she’s certainly one of the most iconic and well-known anime angels of all time.

1/8 Emi Yusa – The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Emi Yusa is The Devil is a Part-Timer! fan-favorite angel. She’s actually a half-angel half-human hybrid and is one of the few angels who can wield the sacred sword. She was an immensely powerful and courageous angel Hero who defeated the Devil King.

Since Emi wanted to protect innocent life she decided to follow the Devil King to earth and became a call center agent. While she first lost most of her power after she arrived in modern-day Japan she eventually gained back her celestial force, superhuman strength, and speed as well.

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