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STALCRAFT combines aspects of the multiplayer online first-person shooter genre with those of the survival horror genre. It’s a dynamic shooter with role-playing and open-world elements. The game puts players into the open environment of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for the majority of the play. Fans of games like Stalker will appreciate the abundance of player-versus-player and player-experience activities available at each location.

Activities such as artifact seeking, mutant tracking, charting unexplored territory, completing missions and experiments, and fighting in faction battles are all on the table. There are a few things players who are new to Stalcraft need to know in order to thrive in the game.


6/6 Know How To Play With Friends

Stalcraft- teamplay

Even those who want to play Stalcraft on their own should be cautious, since there are numerous threats to a player in this virtual environment. When playing, it’s best to do it with others.

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In order to add someone as a friend on the PDA, just go to the Friends menu. There will be a plus sign: “+.” Click it, then type in the player’s handle to add them as a buddy. Players can then recruit a buddy to join their team.

5/6 The Deal With Backpacks


Players can steal an enemy’s bag after they beat them, but they can’t use the contents of that bag against them. Even if a lot of players don’t like this approach, it was made to ensure that more seasoned players who have amassed formidable weaponry cannot be purposefully beaten by newer players in order to hand up their weaponry to the newbies.

On the other hand, the owners of the backpacks may buy them back. This is a profitable method for new players to earn money as they’re starting out.

4/6 Choosing Weapons


​​​​​​The future that STALCRAFT players create will be based on the bartering skills they learn in the junkyard or landfill. Getting to this point will take more time and work, and it is also the starting point for many other lines of outfits and weaponry. So, it is vital that players take this time to prepare fully. Unlike armor, which will be discussed later, weapons are a different story.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to just build or purchase any weapon in the game. Players will need to choose one that’s good enough to use in a practical setting. Consider the following factors while deciding: cost, damage per second, range, caliber, and how long the weapon will remain “strong.” Unlike suits, the attributes of weapons are always evolving, making it hard to compile a definitive list of the best firearms.

3/6 Progression Mechanisms & Servers


Instead of a traditional level progression, a player’s progression in STALCRAFT is determined by the rarity of their gear. As players progress, they will be allowed into higher-level servers in the game. There are five levels of gear rarity.

  • Lockpick
  • Newbie
  • Stalker
  • Veteran
  • Master

There are also five different server levels:

  • Newbie
  • Stalker
  • Veteran
  • Semi-master
  • Master

A player’s gear, the number of global fatalities, and the number of global kills are the primary factors influencing which servers they can access. Everything becomes clear after players have the proper gear. For example, Veteran gear allows players access to the Veteran server, or to the Semi-master server if that gear has high improvement levels or if that player has a lot of kills.

Accessing higher-level servers is made more challenging by recent kills and fatalities. It is unclear how many deaths one must suffer before being sent to the lower-level servers, or how many kills one must rack up before being bumped to the ones above. However, a player’s presence in the open world does have an effect on their progression.

2/6 Decisions Regarding Weaponry


Each person in the zone makes their own choice as to what scares the others. Reliable firearms may be manufactured or purchased at auction. However, the issue of what constitutes a “good” weapon remains unanswered. Lots of gamers are talking about it in the forums. There are tons of tutorials and reviews on YouTube, and many knowledgeable people hang out in online discussion groups.

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That said, players should get up-to-date knowledge on the dynamic nature of each weapon and the frequency with which its attributes change. Further, there are key weapons to take note of. First is the FN F2000, which is a reliable assault weapon. Another is the AS “Val,” an effective assault rifle at close range that doesn’t break the bank. Finally, there is the PKP, a high-powered machine gun of respectable caliber.

1/6 The Best Armor Choices


It is key to know some of the armor suits that can be found in Stalcraft. One is the centurion. As armor goes, the Centurion is among the most formidable and most economical choices. However, the difficulty with the damaged version is that it lacks two forms of protection against bio-infection and psi-attack. Players need to fill empty container slots with rare artifacts in order to use it. This armor can also fit both regular and small shipping containers. It’s fantastic for players who plan on engaging in a lot of player-against-player combat.

The Skat-9m is another excellent armor that players should watch out for. This top-tier protective gear shields the wearer from bullets and germs, while accommodating a wide variety of storage needs. It has the most potential for growth among all barter outfits. It’s mildly inferior to the Centurion in Combat, but the complete version’s three bio-infection grants superior zone passability and a stronger container. The suit has only one flaw: it requires Anomalous Serum, the hardest component to get through barter. While players need up to 45 of these for the next level cap, this is effectively end-game gear.

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