Beginner Tips For Endling – Extinction Is Forever

Endling – Extinction is Forever is not a game that many players would expect. It is a story-based game about a fox who must try to keep all of her cubs fed and healthy in a broken, almost hostile world. It is something that is not for every player out there, but nevertheless, it can be very addicting for a player to try and keep their cubs alive.

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A lot of players will be able to pick up the game almost immediately, while others may need a little more trial and error. There are some beginner tips for players to know before they begin this game about extinction.


7 Keep the Cubs Fed

As a player will find out almost immediately, their top priority is to make sure that their fox cubs are fed and kept healthy. That is something that every player should always ensure they put at the forefront.

Keeping the fox cubs fed as the highest priority is going to be a good way for a player to ensure that they are always looking out for their babies. Without being fed, the cubs will die. On top of this, a player can use their will to keep the cubs fed as a good way to also keep everyone alive – as they progress through the game, they will get better at hunting for food.

6 Choices Matter

The choices that a player makes in the game matter; nearly every choice that can be made will have an effect on the player or their fox cubs. Whether that choice is when to strike down an animal for food or where to hide from a particular human, a player will realize the fate of their cubs is directly in their hands.

A player will almost always be affected by the choices they make. Whether those effects are immediate or happen in the long run, they will come back to the player, and it is up to them to ensure the choices are not harmful.

5 Time It Just Right When Attacking Prey

One of the things that a player will struggle with is the timing of getting their food. When a player is hunting down some prey, they will have to pounce and attack their prey at the perfect moment; otherwise, it could escape, and the cubs could starve.

Luckily, timing-based prey hunting is not the only way to gather food. A player can scrounge through the garbage to find something edible for the cubs (though this can also end up with getting, say, a bag stuck to the player’s head), climbing up trees, and so on.

4 Always Crouch to Hide From Owls

A player will learn very quickly that owls are not something to mess with. Though they are a rare event in the game, it is still something that can instantly take out one of the cubs if a player does not notice them.

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Luckily, it is rather easy for a player to avoid having an owl take somebody. All a player has to do when they spot the signs of an owl nearby (such as strange shadows) is to crouch down, wait for it to pass, and then comfort any cubs who are scared by the owl.

3 Release the Badger For a Trophy

Later on, the player will come across a badger who was stuck in a trap. Knowing that their choices matter, a player may be afraid to release the badger, thinking that it may end up killing one of their cubs.

Luckily, that is not what will happen. If a player frees the badger from the trap (and then, later on, helps reunite the baby badger with its family), they will be able to gain a trophy from it. It is not something that really affects gameplay, but it is nice.

2 Not All Humans are Bad

There are a lot of humans that a player will meet in the game. Some of these humans will simply watch as the player, and their foxes passes along them, while others will actively try to chase the player down. However, that does not mean all humans are bad. For example, a player could find a human child who does not hurt the fox and simply pets them.

1 Hunt Down the Missing Cub

If a player wants to make sure that all of their cubs stay alive by the end of the game, they are going to have to go up against one of their toughest foes yet. This foe is none other than the Scavenger.

Near the first few levels of the game, a man called the Scavenger will steal one of the fox cubs away. A player will be able to pick up the fox’s scent every few days and try to track down their fox cub in an attempt to rescue them from the Scavenger – who can straight up killthe player if they are not careful.

Endling – Extinction is Forever is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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