BBL Esports Announced About aimDLL’s Transfer!


Recently, Digital Athletics announced the transfer of BBL Esports player aimDLL with a video published on their official Twitter account.

After the announcement, BBL Esports posted a new tweet about aimDLL’s transfer:

Since BBL Esports was founded, respect for people and institutions has always been a top priority in all of its relationships. And as BBL Esports, we present to the public that we do not believe it is appropriate to announce the transfer news of Hüseyin “aimDLL” Kabişteke, who is still in the negotiation phase and whose contract and financial process have not been completed.

BBL Esports

With their new tweet, BBL Esports brought questions about aimDDL’s future. aimDDL was in BBL’s announced new year roster, and there were rumors about aimDDL staying even though he was allowed to explore his options.

BBL’s response came shortly after the DA team announced the transfer of BBL Esports player, whose transfer to that team was in the process of being confirmed. BBL didn’t found to the announcement of the transfer right because the transfer phase is not over yet and they asked DA to complete the process within the framework of ethical rules.

After BBL’s response, they announced that Hüseyin ‘aimDLL‘ Kabişteke’s transfer process is terminated and he will be a part of BBL during the season.

We, as one of the clubs that represent our country in Europe, and one of the wonders of Turkish esports, would like to have an announcement about the false news that trying to spread in our community.

Our player, Hüseyin “aimDDL” Kabişteke, is still with BBL Esports. We would like to announce that we are canceling the transfer phase, and he will stay with BBL Esports.

BBL Esports

Even after two days, the Digital Athletics team has not released a statement about the subject.

Who is aimDLL ?

Hüseyin “aimDLL” Kabişteke is a 21-year-old VALORANT player. He started his career in 2020 with the formation of breadHUNTERS. He later transferred to BBL Esports in August 2020. He continued in BBL Esports to this day. He won First Strike Turkey and VCT 21 Turkey Stage Challenger. He won over $21,000 in tournaments he participated in. The player currently has 1.07 KDA.


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