Bayonetta 3 Trailer Sets Up Multiverse and Alternate Bayonettas


The latest trailer for Bayonetta 3 is focused on the Multiverse, showing off a variety of alternate Bayonettas the player will encounter.

A new story-focused trailer for Bayonetta 3 puts the spotlight on the game’s multiverse, featuring alternate versions of Bayonetta herself. Nintendo and PlatinumGames have been showcasing a lot of the title as the game’s launch looms over the horizon. This includes new details such as Bayonetta being recast, or its gameplay mechanics for the Umbra witch. With the game now only weeks away, this latest trailer gives more details about its multiverse setup.


Bayonetta 3‘s multiverse has been a widely speculated premise ever since its re-reveal last year, with details and trailers this year showing off the appearance of multiple Bayonettas. This latest trailer seems to confirm this theory, as multiple variants of the umbra witch are shown throughout the trailer, with the video’s title even stating “Bayonettas Everywhere?!”

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This Bayonetta 3 trailer starts off on a sad note, where a Bayonetta who bears resemblance to her first appearance is killed by a mysterious figure, shattering into red crystals as she tells the young Viola to leave. This mysterious figure then begins attacking the present-day Bayonetta, where she notes the being is otherworldly. Various characters including Jeanne and Viola mention this figure’s name to possibly be known as Singularity.

The trailer then proceeds to go wild with the variants on display, where one Bayonetta can be seen wearing a flashy white coat with pink hair, where she has formed a bond with a spider demon known as Phantasmaraneae. This spider design is translated into Bayonetta 3‘s gameplay, where during her Masquerade transformations she can swing around using a web-like string and attack with her eight legs. Other variants who appear include a Bayonetta who seems to have taken the path as a Lumen Sage, complete with Angelic summons, and a stylish blonde Bayonetta with a fancy blue hat and mask. This trailer seems to be setting them up as potential bosses the player will contend with.

Bayonetta isn’t the only Umbra Witch who gets the spotlight in this trailer, as newcomer Viola is given some focus as well. This includes her goal of pursuing the Singularity into the Alphaverse, as well as mentioning a mysterious object known as the Chaos Gears that could possibly stop him. Some snippets of her bosses and levels throughout the game are shown in the trailer as well, such as traversing a firery lava landscape with Luka. The end of the trailer even teases a segment with Jeanne as a playable character, where her gameplay is more of a 2D-sidescroller with stealth mechanics.

Bayonetta 3 will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

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