Bandai Namco Reveals Why It's Remastering Tales of Symphonia, Comments on Other Remaster Possibilities


Bandai Namco reveals why it chose to remaster Tales of Symphonia, and the company comments about possible other remasters as well.

A recent Q&A session posted by Bandai Namco reveals the reason why it chose to remaster Tales of Symphonia, along with commenting on the possibility of other remasters in the future. The original Tales of Symphonia was a landmark of action JRPGs, with some considering it one of the best games in the franchise and one of the best games on the Nintendo Gamecube when it released in 2004. This release also helped spread the popularity of the series to a new Western fanbase, which resulted in a port to the PS3 in 2014, with a Steam release in 2016 as well.


Tales of Symphonia Remastered will be releasing in about a month now, where players will get to re-experience or be introduced to the world of Sylvarant, where Lloyd, Colette, and other friends and allies will travel on a quest to save their home. The game was first revealed in a Nintendo Direct in 2022, but it will be arriving on multiple platforms this February. With the release not too far off, Bandai Namco answered some frequently asked questions about the remaster and what to expect.

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In terms of what to expect from this remaster, it will be based on the PS3/PC version, giving the game improved graphics, increased frame rates for certain Artes, and other enhancements for the current generation. As for why Symphonia is being remastered, following Tales of Vesperia‘s remaster, this came down to the fact that Symphonia was the first game in the franchise that was released worldwide. This resulted in many fans, from both Japan and overseas, stating that they wished to play the games on current-generation hardware, which led to this remaster.

colette lloyd and genis from tales of symphonia remastered

When Bandai Namco was asked about other possible Tales of remasters or remakes, it acknowledged there were a lot of passionate fans who wished to play the older titles on the current platforms. The team then thanked the many players who requested these older games to be brought over, though notes that they are currently focused on the release of Symphonia‘s remaster. It then notes it will be taking in requests and suggestions about these possible remasters later in the future.

As for the release of Tales of Symphonia Remastered, it notes quality-of-life functions such as improved controls, a skip function for cutscenes, and dates for save files in order to make a smoother experience. It also says there is no extra content that will be added to this re-release, but nothing has been removed either, noting the legacy costumes and both opening themes from the PS3/PC release are included.

Tales of Symphonia Remastered launches on February 17 for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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