A Guide to Playing Back Blood 4 Cross-Platform

Back Blood 4 is a cooperative survival game where players work together to stay alive and kill zombies. When you play with friends, the game is a lot more fun. The good news is that Back 4 Blood works across platforms, so you can play with your friends even if you’re not on the same platform.

How to Play Back 4 Blood Cross-Platform

In B4B, go to the settings and then to the “Matchmaking Preferences” tab to turn on cross-platform matchmaking. There is a “Crossplay” setting in this menu. Just turn it on, and you’ll be able to find matches across platforms and generations in Back 4 Blood.

To play cross-platform, ensure that this setting is turned on for everyone in your group.

How to stop Crossplay in Back 4 Blood

If you want to stop crossplay in Back Blood 4, go back to the Matchmaking Preferences setting and turn off the Crossplay option. This turns off cross-platform and cross-generation matchmaking for your party, so you can only play with people on the same platform as you.

By doing this, you can avoid people who cause trouble or cheat on some platforms where Back Blood 4 is available.

How Cross-Platform Support Works

B4B can be played on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. If your friends are on any of these platforms, you can create a party and play with them.

Not only that, but Back Blood 4 also has cross-gen support. If someone has a PS4 or XB1, they can still play with their friends who have a PS5 or Xbox Series S or X.

Making Crossplay work on your device:

We’re here to help you set up cross-play on your console if you don’t know-how. You don’t have to look around too much to find the button that turns something on. If you haven’t changed the game’s settings, the crossplay will be turned on by the game’s default settings. And if you want to turn it off, you can go to settings and choose the option for your gaming mode that lets you turn it off.

Even if you find it hard to find the crossplay option, we have you covered. Follow the steps to determine how to turn the crossplay on or off.

Open the Play menu and go to Fort Hope. Then click Preferences, and you’ll see the Crossplay option. Now decide if you want it on or off.

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How do you play games with friends on different devices?

Back Blood 4 can be played on the Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox 360. If you are playing on Xbox and your friend is joining the game from a PC, you must go through a segment to start your game.

You have to add them to your list of friends in Back Blood 4 using the username the game gives each player the first time they log in. Once you’ve added them to your friend’s list, you can send them invites and start killing the zombies.

How to stay alive against the Ridden in Back Blood 4.


You can often see them getting together to feed on dead bodies; if you scare them, many Ridden will come to your location. Don’t shoot at them, move close, or run by them quickly to avoid this. If you’re willing to throw a grenade or Molotov at them, you can also try to kill them all at once before they can alert a group of enemies.

Alarm doors in Back Blood 4

There will always be a sign telling you these doors are traps, but sometimes you’ll need to go through one to move on. A fairly reliable way to get around this is to shoot near the door to lure zombies on the other side toward you. Once a zombie hits the door, the alarm is turned off, and you can easily break it down.

Car alarms in Back Blood 4

Less forgiving, which is a shame. When you get close to a car set to alarm, the game will give you a short warning. All it takes is one bullet to the body to start the horde, so try not to shoot in its general direction. And don’t be surprised if someone still shoots it; it’s hard to avoid.

Snitches in Back Blood 4

Most difficult to avoid. They are a special Corruption Card zombie that the small glowing lights can identify on their big meaty head. Try to get around it. If you want to shoot it, you need a powerful gun (like an upgraded sniper rifle) or an upgraded throwable to kill it in one shot. Normal bullets won’t kill it before it calls all its Ridden friends to join the party.

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