Awesome Games Done Quick Announces 2023 Dates

Awesome Games Done Quick announces its 2023 date for its virtual charity event, as well as what important cause it will be partnered with.

Awesome Games Done Quick announces 2023 dates for its next annual charity speedrunning event. Luckily, viewers will be able to watch and participate from home, as the Awesome Games Done Quick event will be held completely online.

For over a decade, Games Done Quick has been holding charity events with a focus on speedrunning marathons. The best players from all over the world are displayed beating games in a matter of minutes, which in other normal attempts would take dozens of hours to beat. Viewers participate by donating in the live stream, with all proceeds going to the charity that Games Done Quick is partnering with; so far it has raised over $37 million for charity. 2022’s charity event, held earlier in the year, was the first in-person event held by Games Done Quick since the pandemic started, and it impressively raised over $3 million. In 2023, Games Done Quick will return to hosting completely online, with the charity event taking place on January 8 – 15.


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This year, the event is partnered with the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection. For this important cause, the event will run 24 hours a day for the duration of the week, and viewers will be able to donate directly to the charity from the Games Done Quick website. It is suspected that a link will be provided from the Games Done Quick Twitch channel where viewers will be watching and participating from. This is not the first time that Awesome Games Done Quick has donated towards cancer research. In 2021, Games Done Quick donated $2.7 million to a charity specializing in cancer research when playing Halo 3.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation was founded in 1985 by Carolyn Aldigé, who lost her father to cancer the year prior. She wanted to create a foundation that focused more on prevention rather than treatment, as Aldigé believed that would be humanity’s best bet in decreasing cancer deaths. Prevent Cancer Foundation’s goal is to decrease all cancer-related deaths by 40% by 2035, which they are committed to seeing through. Cancer awareness is also strong among the Destiny 2 community during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

It is unknown at this time whether viewers can expect surprise content in 2023, as Games Done Quick held blindfolded speed runs last year. Awesome Games Done Quick has not stated what games will be featured in 2023, but nonetheless, viewers will want to catch the event live in order to be part of a good cause that also happens to feature gaming in a big way.

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