Attempt to Draw Pokemon from Description Only Results in Horrifying Clown Monster


An artist tries to recreate Pokemon based on description alone, and the result is a less than cute clown monster like Stephen King’s It.

An artist has tried her best to draw Pokemon based on description alone, and the results are comically horrifying. While the artist clearly has a lot of talent in drawing, the end result is far from desirable, making the Pokemon look like a clown monster.

Pokemon have some unique designs. Some Pokemon are instantly recognizable, and have been cultural icons since their ideation. Some Pokemon have designs that seem somewhat alien and bizarre. No matter the case, Pokemon are typically designed with a smaller handheld console’s screen in mind, meaning that clarity in design is usually pretty strong. Because of these simple yet strong designs, artists often redesign Pokemon to fit their art style, or to make the new starter Pokemon look like 1st Gen Pokemon.


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Even with these strong designs in mind, if the artist only has someone’s vague description to base their work on, it’s easy to see how a cute and adorable Pocket Monster could become just a monster, looking more like a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet glitch. Artist and TikTok user Ebaekim illustrates this point very clearly in a video in which she tries to draw the walrus-like Walrein based on the description of fellow TikToker, Studsonstudio. The first description is of a head of cauliflower with a beard, but balding on top. While looking at the Pokemon in question this description doesn’t seem so far off, but to stare at a blank page with this alone of course creates some confusion.

The pair continue to exchange descriptions for illustration, including hints such as “the eyes are just like… eyes.” All the while the viewer is also unsure of what Pokemon is being described, meaning that some viewers expected the end result to be Mr.Mime. This approach also means that viewers could technically play along, making their own characters along the way. As some fan designs of Pokemon are as good as the real thing, this could be a great start for artists. The end result this time though had users likening the creation to Stephen King’s It.

This kind of video also shows how words and ideas can be completely different to an individual, as they interpret them in different ways. The idea of a “scallop tail” conjures an image of the shell for some, while Ebaekim instantly thinks of the seafood inside the shell. This reliance on communication as seen in games like Overcooked and Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes are what make them so hilarious and fun. They also build a sense of community and shared understanding with the participants. No wonder games like Jackbox receive big updates and care years after their first debut.

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