Atlus shares results of Persona 3 Portable Soundtrack Poll


Atlus held a poll on their official website asking fans for their favorite songs from Persona 3 Portable in celebration of the game’s re-release and the results are in.

The video above showcases all the songs with Japanese narration and commentary but if you just want to know the results here they are!

  1. “Memories of You“
  2. “The Battle for Everyone’s Souls“
  3. “Mass Destruction“
  4. “Burn My Dread “
  5. “Burn My Dread -Last Battle-“
  6. “When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars“
  7. “Wiping All Out“
  8. “Time“
  9. “A Way of Life“
  10. “Deep Breath Deep Breath“

What do you think? Does this seem like a good selection? Or is there a song you felt got overlooked? Let us know!


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