Apex Legends Players Want Ash Buffs


Apex Legends player share a few ideas to buff Season 11 character Ash, the Incisive Instigator since her pick rate suffers in the game.

The addition of Titanfall‘s Ash to Apex Legends‘ story, world, and gameplay was incredibly exciting for fans, but in the seasons since, Ash has fallen in popularity. It would seem her pick rate has fallen to crudely 3%, putting her in the bottom echelons of the Apex Legends meta.

This may be surprising for some, given Ash’s popularity and her kit. At face value, it seems solid as she is alerted to nearby deaths and can track killers, can ensnare enemies, and effectively push or reposition with her ult, but the truth is that Ash’s abilities in Apex Legends are incredibly weak compared to her competitors. It would seem many agree, too.


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In less than 24 hours, one Apex Legends Reddit post by user wing6781 has garnered 3K upvotes and calls for Ash’s Snare to be buffed, with many believing it is the weakest part of her kit. The Redditor’s idea involves buffing the damage just slightly, but more importantly, silences an ensnared enemy’s tactical ability. Indeed, those trapped in Ash’s snare aren’t exactly defenseless thanks to their guns and abilities, though they are at a small disadvantage. This would remove at least one of those possibilities of pushing back against Ash’s snare, with the Redditor putting the proposed silenced length at three seconds. They compare this to Seer’s Tactical and Revenant’s.

This opened up a fruitful discussion, with a few pointing out another major weakness of the snare: it’s slow. While a good Ash player can position themselves and snare an enemy by surprise, it is very situational in that it’s easy to dodge if players see or hear it coming. Some simply suggest making its deployment faster, and this could go a long way too. However, it’s currently unknown if Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has plans to buff Ash or not, and how effective those buffs would be if so.

After all, it took characters like Wattson and Crypto quite some time to receive buffs despite the high demands for them, with many still feeling that Crypto’s buffs weren’t quite enough. And it’s worth highlighting that the launch of Apex Legends season 15 saw no buffs or nerfs to any characters. Ash fans then shouldn’t hold their breath for changes, but hopefully, they’ll come sooner rather than later and be

Apex Legends is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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