Apex Legends Mobile to introduce new POI the ‘Coliseum’ in Kings Canyon map according to leaks


The currently running Apex Legends Mobile season 2.5 ‘Hyperbeat’ will conclude next month to pave the way for season 3. Leaks are pouring in about possible new modes, weapons, and legends. But what the majority of the players are concerned about is the inclusion of any new maps or changes to the existing ones. Some recent leaks show images of a new POI called the ‘Coliseum’ on the Kings Canyon map of Apex Legends Mobile.

The 1v1 arena is the new POI on the Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends Mobile

Kings Canyon was added to Apex Legend Mobile Map rotations in season 2. Also, Encore Galore was included in the map with mobile-exclusive legend Rhapsody’s town takeover. And now, the reliable data miner ‘ThatOneGamingBot’ informed game files have revealed an updated area in the Kings Canyon map.

Going by the image, the ‘Coliseum’ is an oval amphitheater from ancient Roman times in the middle of Rome. The Coliseum was used to host events such as gladiatorial games. In these events, one gladiator would emerge victorious by defeating the other to death.

The new POI in Kings Canyon – the ‘Coliseum’ sets the theme for Season 3

Also, several leaks hint at the new theme of the upcoming season 3, which is ‘Champions and Gladiator’. This theme perfectly aligns with the leak that a new 1v1 fighting arena will be coming to the existing Kings Canyon map. Given that Ash might be the new legend for season 3 hosts also makes sense as she hosts the Arenas which is also a duel. Players can challenge a match in this 1v1 arena by putting up a casual fight.

Apex Legends Mobile Coliseum Leaked
Image via Electronic Arts

However, recently the game has been criticized for its easy-to-exploit aiming and movement mechanics. Players are also dying to have the World’s Edge map back, as requests to the developers for the same have been overflowing.

There have been leaks regarding the ‘Olympus map’ too in the upcoming season. Judging from players’ requests and feedback, it would be wise if the developers bring the World’s Edge map for the ranked mode in addition to any new POIs in Kings Canyon itself.

What are your thoughts about leaks of the new POI ‘Coliseum’ in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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