Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Event Patch Notes: New Cosmetics, New Gun Run Mode


The newest Apex Legends Beast of Prey event brings along a new limited game mode, 24 exclusive cosmetics, increased rewards, granting fans the opportunity to grab an exclusive weapon called Loba’s Heirloom.

Crafting Rotation Changes
RE-45 and Devotion back to floor
P2020 and Havoc added to crafter

Spawn Rates
Decreased laser and barrel spawn rates
Increased optic sights spawn rates
Decreased low tier light weapon spawn rates
Increased heavy weapon spawn rates

Explosive Holds
Reduced Shotgun Bolt spawn rate
Decreased optic spawn rate

Bocek Bow
Decreased ammo capacity from 80 to 60


Increased cost for Hammerpoint Rounds for Mozambique
White -100 increased to 150
Blue – 200 increased to 250
Purple – 500 increased to 700

Sheila will now inherit sensitivity settings for the most similar optic sens level
2x: Mobile Sheila zoom
3x:  Mounted Sheila zoom


With Reward Tracker players can can earn 1,600 points per day and the challenges will refresh daily. All these challenges will also stack with the Battle Pass enabling players to complete multiple challenges at once. Along with 24 limited time cosmetics, the new reward tracker introduces a rare mythic-tier item, Loba’s heirloom. Players will have to collect all 24 items through the tracker to receive Heirloom shards, to craft the ultimate Garra de Alanza fan Heirloom weapon.

The newest limited-time game mode, called Gun Run enables players to go head-to-head against 3 other squads with randomized weapons that progress as you score kills. Each time the player scores a kill with a weapon, you leapfrog over teammates and are given the next highest weapon on the track. Players will have infinite ammo, plenty of health items and automatic respawns.

The next weapon is previewed above your current weapon, as well as the next one after that. The boost value lets you know how many weapons you will skip on the track with your next kill. When scoring, if the player is has the lead in their squad, they will simply move to the next weapon on the track without skipping any.

The final weapon in the track is a new exclusive throwing knife, For practice, the weapon will be available in the firing range during the entire event. Work together as a team and be the first squad to score a kill with the throwing knife to win the match!

The first squad to score a kill with the final weapon (throwing knife) will be able to secure victory. Gun Run will be available to play starting September 20th to October 4th on Skulltown and Fragment East (World’s Edge) maps.

  • Fixed bug that sometimes causes tactical cooldown to not appear.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to often come out of replicator crouched.
  • [Vantage] – Fixed a bug with Vantage’s “Whittle Break” emote where it would lay flat on the ground instead of sitting upright.
  • Bug where the display showing Bocek Compound Bow arrow ammo was inconsistent is now fixed
  • [Vantage] – Bug where using Vantage’s tactical inside Wraith’s Portal could cause the player to stay in flight and the tactical goes on cooldown is now fixed.
  • Out of Bounds timer will now start once the player has touched the ground when landing out of bounds.
  • Increased scroll speed in menus.
  • Shield Cells would now display the incorrect amount of healing available while taking damage.
  • [Newcastle] – The bug where Ultimate continues flight even after Newcastle has been downed has been fixed.
  • [Control Mode] – Fixed the bug where if a player exits the game while the map is loading they are unable to choose a spawn location after reopening the game.
  • [Control] – Fixed bug where players could not capture Control points while phased.
  • [Storm Point map] – Removed the ability to tap-strafe on Gravity Cannons.

A limited-time event, Apex Legends: Beast of Prey is slated for a live server release on Tuesday, September 20. The event will conclude on October 14 so players will have a total of 24 days to enjoy the new game mode and collect all cosmetics. The event will kick-start with the release of Season 14, which is also scheduled to release on the same day. Apex fans can read the official patch notes article here.

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