Answering Modern Warfare 2 Beta Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Modern Warfare 2 Beta Frequently Asked Questions


The public beta for Modern Warfare 2 is live! Here is everything you need to know from the early access.

The early access for the Modern Warfare 2 beta is over and now will be open to all players looking to dig their hands into the new Call of Duty. The public beta for MW2 starts today September 24 and will last until September 26. is here to answer some of the obvious questions new players may have as they load into the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

When does the Modern Warfare open beta start?

Fans looking to play the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 open beta should expect to be able to start playing from 12 PM CT. For European players, it will be later in the day as the MW2 beta will launch at 6 PM for UK players.

Does MW2 beta progress carry over

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Unfortunately for players hoping to get a head start on their Modern Warfare 2 grinding this year, progress from the beta does not carry over to the main game. However, Infinity has not left players leaving the beta empty-handed. There are ten unique rewards players can unlock that will transfer over to their main account upon launch.

Here are the ten rewards you can unlock from the MW2 beta:

  • ‘Smashed It’ animated emblem – Level 2
  • ‘Buckle Up’ charm – Level 4
  • ‘Passed The Test’ animated calling card – Level 6
  • ‘Operation First Blood’ sticker – Level 10
  • ‘Side Impact’ weapon blueprint – Level 15
  • ‘Collision’ operator skin – Level 18
  • ‘No Competition’ vinyl sticker – Level 19
  • ‘Safety First’ sticker – Level 21
  • ‘Floor It’ vehicle skin – Level 26
  • ‘Frontal Impact’ weapon blueprint – Level 30

How do I unlock weapons in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

Unlocking weapons in the Modern Warfare 2 beta works slightly differently than in years past. Unlocking new weapons ties in nicely to the new Gunsmith 2.0 system Infinity Ward is running for Modern Warfare 2. The way you unlock a weapon in the beta is by levelling up a gun until level 13, from there this will unlock the weapon’s receiver. Once the receiver is available, this unlocks the next weapon in the class.

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Can I check my KDA in the MW2 beta?

Unfortunately for new players hoping to see their statistics during the beta, currently at the time of writing this article, you are unable to check your KDA. One of the likely reasons is that your progress does not transfer over once MW2 officially launches so seeing it in the beta does not matter. The only time you can check your KDA is in an individual match at the end of the game.

Can you unlock camos in the MW2 beta?

With this only being a beta, players are not able to unlock weapon camos as they do not count towards your progression once the main game releases. The closest players can get to having their guns have a different appearance is through weapon blueprints.

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