Amy Adams Not Asked Back As Lois Lane To Henry Cavill's Superman


Although Henry Cavill’s return as Superman is now official, it remains to be seen if Amy Adams’s Lois Lane will rejoin him in the DCEU.

Amy Adams recently revealed whether or not she would be returning with Henry Cavill’s Superman for future sequels to the Man of Steel movie she took part in 2013, where she played well-known DC reporter Lois Lane.

Fans were more than gleeful to know that Cavill would be reprising his iteration of Superman in the DCEU. However, it appears that as of now, no one knows for sure if his female co-star will be joining him in the upcoming cinematic installments of Superman going forward, Though it appears Adams would be down for playing her again.


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During the premiere of Adams’ Disenchanted, Adams detailed where she stands with Warner Bros. While she does not have the role as of now, she will support the studio whether Warner Bros. wants her back as Superman’s iconic love interest or not. “They haven’t spoken to me about it,” she said to Variety. “If it’s me, great. If it’s somebody else, the role of Lois has been filled by so many wonderful actresses in the past, so I’ll support whatever direction they go.”

Adams played the role of Lois Lane for four years starting in Man of Steel. She also played the role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, but has not played the character since then. While other DC characters have gotten a lot more shine over the past several years, neither Superman nor any of his supporting characters have gotten much screen time really since Man of Steel came out almost a decade ago. If Adams were to play Lois Lane again, what would truly be up in the air is how much of a role she would play in Superman movies going forward.

Adams was perfectly solid as Lois Lane when she played her in Man of Steel. She wasn’t mind-blowingly good, but that’s because the movie didn’t ask her to be that. Then, when the DCEU started world-building more and more in the movies that followed the 2013 blockbuster, her role decreased over time. With a potentially expanded role, Adams should prove to be up to the task as Lois Lane again, though it depends on what role she would play. Lois Lane could potentially be involved in uncovering Batman’s secret identity, or maybe she comes across more of the DC supers along the way.

Adams has proven for multiple decades now that she is capable of whatever acting role comes her way. Whether the movie she is in is good or bad, Adams has usually been one to put the work in whatever role she has. Given how many times she’s been nominated for Academy Awards, and knowing how many spinoffs the DCEU has put out or has in the works, Adams could potentially work her way into a Lois Lane spinoff show. Of course, that all depends on if Warner Bros. plans to have her around long-term.

Man of Steel can currently be streamed on HBO Max

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