Amazon Prime Early Access Sale: How To Score Holiday Deals Before The Season


Amazon is back again, just a few months after its recent Prime Day sales, to bring consumers another Prime-exclusive event that promises to see some pretty hefty savings on various products and brand names. Consumers will have the chance to snag some deals in just a few short weeks, as the shopping giant just unveiled its Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. There are already some pretty deep discounts to be found, even before the sale itself goes live.

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To better help customers score some serious price cuts, we’ve rounded up a bunch of information pertaining to the sale, including the dates applicable, what customers can expect to see on sale, and how to get in this exclusive savings event for those that aren’t currently part of Amazon’s Prime service. Here’s a look at what to expect when the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale drops.

Anyone that doesn’t already have access to Amazon Prime can click the button below to get free access to 30 Days of Amazon Prime, ahead of the big event.

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When The Prime Early Access Sale Begins & Ends

Those itching to jump into the fray and grab some discounts should be excited to know that the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is only a couple of weeks away. The sale itself will begin on October 11th at 12 A.M. PDT and customers will see savings for at least 24 hours, spreading into October 12th. There should be quite a bit for shoppers to peruse, with large brands on sale, making it the perfect opportunity to score some Holiday deals and knock out some of those wishlists early.

What Can Shoppers Expect To See On Sale?

The Prime Early Access Sale sees some big brand names on sale, many of which would make perfect Holiday gifts for friends or loved ones. Brands like Philips Sonicare, Peleton, Murad, Caudalie, and New Balance are expected to see some great sales, with discounts on tons of other items to boot. Those that are looking to score some new electronics, including televisions, should definitely consider waiting a couple of weeks to peruse the Prime Early Access Sale. Those wanting to get their hands on some of Amazon’s equipment, like the Echo Show, or Echo Dot, should see some substantial savings on the company’s devices during the sale.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

Many people may find themselves questioning if paying monthly (or yearly) for Amazon Prime is worth the extra expense. Thankfully, Amazon offers discounts on some of its Prime services during sales and can even offer additional savings for those that are part of assistance programs, making it even cheaper than one might think. Those that live in cities and urban areas will benefit quite a bit from Prime as it greatly reduces shipping times, with many customers seeing their items delivered in two days or less. Even those in rural areas should see reduced shipping time and any item with the Prime seal of approval is guaranteed free shipping, making it a money saver for those that do a lot of their shopping online.

Prime members also get access to daily deals, exclusive events (like the Prime Early Access Sale), and more. Those curious about whether Prime is right for them can try it for free for 30 days by using the button below, making it a no-risk opportunity to check out the service and see if it’s a good fit.

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What’s On Sale Ahead Of Prime Early Access?

Although Prime Early Access doesn’t begin until October 11th, Prime customers can still score some deals before the event even begins. Those that have access to Amazon Prime can find sales right now for the following items:

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