Alien Invasion Horror Game Greyhill Incident Confirmed for Consoles


The Greyhill Incident, an upcoming indie horror game that takes inspiration from The X-Files and Signs, will be releasing on consoles as well as PC.

Greyhill Incident, an upcoming horror title that takes cues from The X-Files, will now be releasing on consoles as well as PC, according to a recent trailer. Currently, the indie horror scene is fit to burst with video games. While AAA releases, such as The Callisto Protocol and the inbound remakes of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4, are showing that the genre is alive and well, there are plenty more obscure games that are filling the gaps and exciting fans of the genre.


In development by Refugium Games, Greyhill Incident was announced earlier this year and looks like it could offer something a little different in the horror scene. At the time, it looked as though the game would only be coming to Steam, but a new teaser shows that it’ll also be getting console ports as well. However, the clip itself does leave a little bit of ambiguity about which systems will be getting the release.

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As spotted by Bloody Disgusting, a new trailer for Greyhill Incident has been uploaded to the developer’s YouTube channel, giving another brief glimpse into what fans can expect when the game releases next year. Essentially, it appears to be a horror game that mixes Outlast with Signs in that it has a dose of survival gameplay elements and terror, all wrapped up in a story about invading aliens. Now the studio is saying that, as well as the title coming to Steam, it’ll also be launching on PS4 and PS5. While there’s no mention of an Xbox One or Xbox Series port, the trailer says that it will be available on “other consoles,” though it’s not quite certain what this refers to. It’s possible there will be an Xbox version, but it’s a little odd that it doesn’t say that. The “other consoles” note could also refer to the Nintendo Switch, but that’s just speculation at this stage.

Aside from video game adaptations of the Alien franchise, there aren’t really that many horror games that focus on aliens, especially the “little gray men” kind that have become synonymous with outer space creatures in pop culture. In any case, the fact that Greyhill Incident is now coming to consoles means that more fans will be able to check it out, and the trailer does make it look pretty intense.

There’s a lot to look forward to in horror gaming. As mentioned above, both the AAA and indie scenes are thriving at the moment, and while not every release is a certified banger, those who enjoy having their nerves tested have their pick of the litter, with more titles inbound as the industry moves into 2023.

Greyhill Incident releases in Q2 of 2023 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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