The Quickest Way to Advance Your Level in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Two kinds of skill sets can help you get more XP. It is Parkour, and it is Combat. You get more and more XP points as your skill sets get better. Do anything that has to do with fighting to gain combat points. Climbing, running, and sliding will earn you more parkour points while you work on parkour skills. So, here are some ways you can get more combat points:

How to get more XP for fighting?

Get rid of bandit camps.

There are only four bandit camps in DL 2, and if you clear them all, you’ll get a Ban Hammer trophy. You can eliminate any bandit camp by killing two of its Lieutenants and the Bandit Camp’s leader. As you successfully take over a Bandit Camp, it will be replaced by a safe zone where you can save your game. In these places, you can also find great loot. And getting rid of the camp will give you combat points, parkour points, and a lot of experience points.

Turning on the Metro Station

The Central Loop station will be the first one you can use.

In Dying Light 2, To turn on the metro station, you must turn on some generators or flip a switch. But as simple as it sounds, there will be many people there.

Once you’ve unlocked it, you’ll be able to use it as a fast travel point to get across the map quickly. Dying Light 2 will give you XP and combat points when using the metro station. This will help you level up quickly.

Eliminating GRE Anomalies

In DL 2, there are different GRE anomalies, and these anomalies have different zombies that were made in a lab. Killing these zombies sounds easy, but they are very dangerous, and there are many of them. There are 12 GRE anomalies, and destroying each one will give you a big XP boost that will help you level up in DL 2. Before you fight a GRE anomaly, you should stock up on weapons and ensure your health and stamina are at their best.

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Finish the Battle Challenges

In these challenges, your only goal is to kill a certain number of zombies in a certain amount of time. More zombie heads smashed will give you a bigger XP boost. And after a good beating, you’ll get many combat points as a reward. In these challenges, In Dying Light 2, you must kill most zombies before the time runs out to get gold.

Keep reading to find out how to get more parkour points:

How to get more XP for Parkour?

Use Parkour Challenges to get things done fast.

Parkour challenges are all about how good you are at parkour, and they are all over the map. You can keep track of these challenges with your binoculars. To finish them, you must stay alive and get to the right place before hordes of zombies beat you up. To get more parkour points, get to the spot faster than the required time. You will get more parkour points the faster you get there.

Turn on the windmills.

There are several windmills all over the area. You need to climb up on something tall and use your binoculars to find them. When you get to the windmill, you’ll be given different parkour-based goals to complete.

The different ranks show how hard it is to turn on that windmill.

As soon as you turn on the windmill, you’ll have to give it to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors. You will also get parkour points, and the windmill will serve as your safe zone.

Chase challenges must be done.

As you play the game, you’ll be able to take on these challenges.

The whole point is to stay alive as hordes of zombies chase you.

The more time you stay alive in this challenge, the more XP boost you will get. As you move through this challenge, it gets harder in five different ways. You will get more XP for completing the challenge the longer you can stay alive.

Additional, Most Rapid Methods for Gaining Levels

Go For Side-Quests

Why do players complete side-quests? So you can get more XP and rewards. In DL 2, these side quests include helping a space chicken get back to its spaceship and saving people’s lives. So, you have a strange set of side quests to deal with. As you finish side quests, you will get loot, blueprints, and points you can use to improve your skills. As you do any side quests, you will also get an XP boost.

Get a bonus at night.

Night bonus XP is the different experience you get for doing anything at night. This is because zombies are more dangerous and crazy at night than during the day. You will also get a boost to your skill sets along with the extra XP. But if you don’t make it through the hordes, you won’t get the night bonus for the rest of the night.

Armed Forces AirDrop

You’ll have to find these military supplies before you can steal them.

On DL 2, there are 26 military supply drops, and 12 are underwater. Find and take all the treasure. There are blueprints, weapons, and rare items in these airdrops, and looting them can give you experience points.

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