Activision Reportedly Planning on Using AI to Generate Unique In-Game Music for Players


A new patent from gaming company Activision seems to reveal the future of in-game music, which might be generated thanks to Artificial Intelligence or AI.

The patent spotted by Exputer has been titled “Systems and Methods for Dynamically Generating and Modulating Music Based on Gaming Events, Player Profiles and/or Player Reactions”, and it was published a couple of weeks ago.

Expect to hear a different tune with every loss or win with Activision’s latest technology.

The patent confirms Activision’s plans to improve in-game music with the help of player profiles and performances that would help the AI in creating the tune that would match the situation presented to it.

The system would first collect the data, which includes the play patterns, performance of the player and many more. Then, a music generation module will access the data to determine the situation, with a Machine Learning model later generating an output that would relate to the player’s performance and play patterns. The output is then used by a dynamic music generation module that creates a music composition that fits the scenario.

For example, if a player loses a game quite convincingly, then they might face a tune that would vastly differ from the music they will hear after winning a match.

With this technology, Activision will be hoping to change the experience of players, especially on multiplayer titles. While many players are forced to hear the same in-game music after a win or loss, the new patent will eliminate all of those concerns. Players will be able to hear music that’s unique to the scenario they have created in the game. Which is why, it will be interesting to see how the system might roll out in the following years if Activision decides to pursue this technology’s use case.


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