A mobile replica of the Nintendo’s Splatoon game resurfaces in China


Splatoon is a famous game title developed by Nintendo, the game however might just be a victim of its own success, as the game yet again gets a mobile replica version of itself gearing up for a release in China by the developers Luo Wei. As of writing this post, Nintendo has not taken any official actions against the copycat.

Splatoon was a very famous and hit game of its age

Originally released in 2015, the game was appreciated and received warm receptions from fans globally. The game is a third-person shooter video game franchise created by Hisashi Nogami but was developed by Nintendo. The game as a whole was set up in a post-apocalyptic world where many unique features, characters, and weapons are added on by the developers.

Nintendo Splatoon Replica China, Nintendo Splatoon
Image via Luo Wei on Weibo

The game sees the main characters cephalopods known as Inklings and Octolings, who can change shape according to their needs, and change between humanoid and animal form almost at will. While in Human form they can shoot their weapons with great aim and precision in form of colored ink, while in animal form, the character’s movement speed increases, and allows it to hide in surfaces covered in their own-colored ink.

The concept of the game was the most probable reason behind the success that the game got and the reception it received from the fans. This made the game really famous and thus irked the small-time game developers to join in on the success boat of the game through ill means. One such company is a development studio in China by the name of Luo Wei who has created something that looks remarkably similar to the original title Splatoon.

Nintendo Splatoon Replica China, Nintendo Splatoon
Image via Luo Wei on Weibo

To top it off, this is not the first time a developer has tried to make a copycat version of the hit title, however, each and every time Nintendo has been very quick in taking a copyright measure against the developers and get the game off the markets for good.

However by the looks of it some developers just don’t learn from the mistakes of different developers, if it didn’t work out for them well, then how will it for you? A simple lesson that seems too hard to learn. It will be interesting to see how the developers, Nintendo will respond to the development of their new copycat.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Splatoon mobile game replica being developed in China? Let us know in the comments below.

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