A Currency Guide For AFK Arena. Is AFK Arena Pay To Win?

Diamonds in AFK Arena

As we said above, diamonds are the best currency in the AFK Arena game. You can buy almost anything with this resource, like gear, hero resets, hero essences, and other services. Even though diamonds are a premium currency in AFK Arena, free players can easily get a good amount of them every day. Because of this, they are very important, especially if you want to get awesome heroes.

There are many ways to get diamonds in different amounts. Usually, the best way to get diamonds is to finish your daily and weekly quests. Especially important are the daily tasks, which can be done in just a few minutes and give hundreds of diamonds. Some of these tasks are fighting a boss in the campaign, completing a stage in the King’s Tower, improving an item once, or taking part in the Arena. The tasks for weekly quests, on the other hand, are more specific and usually take longer to finish. Still, the rewards are worth it because they give you thousands of diamonds, scrolls, and other rare items.

Gold in AFK Arena

The most important form of money in any fantasy RPG. Gold is the main currency in Esperia, which doesn’t mean much since you don’t use it very often as you travel. Gold is important because you use it to improve your gear and level up your characters. In this way, you won’t be able to buy rare or expensive items with it, but you will be able to use it for something even more important: getting stronger.

Almost everything you do in AFK Arena gives you gold, which is good. Most things you can do in AFK Arena that give gold include:

● Completing levels and stages in the Arcane Labyrinth.

● Winning matches in the Arena.

● Completing Bounty Board quests.

● Doing many other things.

Because of this, likely, you won’t even farm it before you realize you have millions of this currency, which is great because you’ll use it up when you upgrade your heroes to the highest levels.


Diamonds are not the only thing that can be used to call heroes. Diamonds are a type of currency that can be used in a lot of different ways. Scrolls, however, are only used to summon people in the tavern. But you only need one scroll per hero for a summoning, even though you need hundreds or thousands of gems for a summoning. No matter what, you should always wait until you have 10 scrolls so you can do a mass summoning and have a better chance of getting a good hero.

There are two kinds of scrolls: common and faction scrolls, which are the same. But the first one is used for regular summonings, while the second is used for faction summonings, which have a higher chance of bringing out heroes from a certain faction. If you want to learn more about AFK Arena’s different types of heroes, check out our AFK Arena unit guide. Normal scrolls can be found in daily and weekly quests, and faction scrolls can be found in events.

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Points for Friendship in AFK Arena

This is another special currency used in a different kind of summoning. Even though they aren’t as common or useful as scrolls, you can slowly build up friendship points and use them to summon many people at once. They are not as useful as the other currencies because it takes a while to get enough friendship points for a bulk summoning.

You can get these points from players on your friend list who give them to you. You can only have 30 people on your friend list, and only 20 of them can give you points. Also, the players have to be online and send you friendship points before you can get them, so only add people you know are playing the AFK Arena.

The Tavern Points in AFK Arena

When you summon heroes in the Noble Tavern, you get points equal to the number of heroes you summoned. Once you have 100 points, you can use them to call up any hero you want. We won’t lie. This is probably the slowest way to summon heroes because you have to summon 100 heroes to get the points you need. But it’s also one of the best ways to summon heroes because you can choose which faction you want to summon from and avoid some of the RNG.

Guild Money in AFK Arena

You can get guild coins by helping your guild, as the name suggests. The most crucial matter you can do to help is to participate in the daily team hunts. You can get a lot of experience, gear, and other drops from these activities, and your guild contribution will also increase. Depending on how far you got in the team hunt, you will get your guild coins in the mail the next day.

Once you have a lot of guild coins, you can use them at the guild store to buy things like specific heroes, gear, and essences.

Heroes’ Money

When your roster of heroes is full, you’ll have to make room for more if you want to keep summoning. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of your common heroes and get something in return. You can talk to the NPC in the Rickety Cart to get essence and hero coins for common-quality heroes you don’t want.

It takes a long time to get these hero coins, just like it takes a long time to get tavern coins. But once you’ve saved up enough, you can use them to buy specific heroes in the Barracks, which you can reach from the Guild Hall.

The Labyrinth Tokens

Last but not least, you get labyrinth tokens when you finish a level in the Arcane Labyrinth. You can get quite a bit from each run, especially if you finish all three labyrinth floors. After that, you can use the tokens you earned to buy all kinds of things in the labyrinth store, from gear and essences to full heroes and soul stones.

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