6 slots that pay homage to popular video games

Slots have established themselves in recent years for relaxed gambling in between. Many of these slots are a declaration of love to the best-known and most popular video games of all time! The Razor Shark Casino is also one of the absolute favorites , because the Razor Shark Slot is a highlight for many gamblers. Although it has nothing to do with a video game, with a lot of goodwill it reminds a little of the great white shark.

Slots are entertaining, offer odds and are even available on mobile. Adding them to well-known video games makes them twice as fun to play. The six best-known and best slots that are based on a large video game are presented below!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Are there players on this planet who don’t know Lara Croft and the legendary Tomb Raider series? Probably not. So it is not surprising that a separate slot was dedicated to this well-known computer game. It consists of different themes of the game and also offers nice prizes.

The game is played on 15 lines, the logo of the game/film brings the highest winnings. A joker serves as a wild symbol, and the slot also allows you to win free spins with scatter symbols.

The Lara Croft phenomenon began back in 1996, today there are 16 games and world-renowned movies. Tomb Raider merchandise is a big seller and the slot is yet another tribute to the busty agent. Entertaining, exciting and equipped with bonus features, this is a slot machine that not only appeals to Lara Croft fans.

Call of Duty: Go to Covert Operations on the slot

Modern Warfare is the second best-selling game in the Call of Duty series and is therefore predestined for its own slot. It has a simple structure, the game takes place on five reels and 25 paylines. Typical gaming symbols are shown on the images, and the landmine function provides additional excitement.

It’s arguably one of the few moments in Call of Duty where the land mines can actually bring joy due to their winning potential. Unlike many other slots, the COD machine even has a small jackpot. It can pay out up to 100,000 US dollars and impresses with its graphic highlights.

Although the jackpot is important to gamblers, the machine is not considered progressive. So there are also smaller wins to be won during the game.

Space Invaders: The slot for the cult game of the century

One of the world’s most popular games among gamers with over 30 years of history is Space Invaders. Shooting down the invading aliens on your Atari, Playstation or PC is so simple, so exciting and so complex. No wonder that the classic game is now also available as a slot.

The machine is played with five reels and ten paylines. The traditional aliens from the computer game were used as images, and there are also rockets and spaceships. The sound is reminiscent of the original game and gives you a retro feeling. The biggest payouts come when the aliens line up.


Only identical colors count. A slot that is quite simple and yet makes the heart of retro fans pound. There are no free spins, but there are a variety of wild symbols that expand each other. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the bonus boost, you might get a bonus round for free!

Zuma slot: The homage to the flash game

Zuma is one of the most popular flash games of all time. The snake with colored balls winds its way across the desktop and must be shot down with balls of the same color. If it becomes too long, the game threatens to be lost. Since Zuma still enjoys many gamblers today, there is even a slot of the same name on the market. It is played on five reels and 20 paylines.

The theme is reminiscent of the classic cult game with a touch of jungle flair. Card symbols and typical Tiki bosses make up the potential winnings. Scatter and wild symbols increase the excitement. Three scatters can trigger free spins, and there is also a progressive jackpot.

The payout of the jackpot depends on the use of the paylines. It is awarded when the Zuma logo is rotated. Despite the jackpot, the slot also pays out winnings in normal gameplay. But they are not as high as in other slot machines.

Street Fighter Slot Machine: In memory of the fighting game

Street Fighter is an ancient and popular Asian fighting game whose style remains unique to this day. Even in competitions, computer gamers still like to let their animated characters compete against each other. The popularity of Street Fighter led to NetEnt development studios launching a slot of the same name.

Unlike classic reel machines, this slot focuses on cluster formations. Pictures that belong together disappear and new symbols appear from above. Thanks to wild modes, winnings can be significantly increased. Well-known symbols are original characters of the game, such as Chun-Li, Guile or Ryu. Three scatters award free spins called Beat the Boss.

Winnings can grow to 100 times the stake. The slot is classified in the medium volatility category and has an RTP of 96.06%.

Resident Evil 6: The Movie and Game Tribute

With Resident Evil, a slot has come onto the market that is not only based on the computer game, but also on the film. A real highlight for fans, because up to 3000 times the stake is possible. The most important characters of the film (Leon, Jake, Chris) belong to the most exciting motifs. In addition, symbols such as bullets, medicinal plants and pistols will be seen.

The game is played on 25 paylines and the slot has an autoplay function. Special features include expanding wilds and free spins with standing wilds. This is how profits can be increased. Ada’s Mission is a bonus game where you have to crack a color code. Only if luck is on the player’s side can the mission be mastered and more prizes unlocked.

Conclusion: Computer games and slots often belong together thematically

Many slots are inspired by major computer games or films. Whether it’s Jurassic Park, Terminator or Lara Croft: all the slot characters have been popular in films or in the ranking of computer games. A logical consequence when you consider the popularity of today’s computer games. Fans not only want the game itself, they buy posters for the game, merchandise and also like to play the associated slot.

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